We’ve all seen those weight loss infomercials on television where the paid actors tell everybody about how this hot new product helped changed their life and helped them tone up or become a muscle machine. Eventually, you’ll tune them out, changing the channel and not giving it a second thought.

Michelle “The Powerhouse” Peruzzi had gone on her own weight loss journey leading into the Storm Damage one-night featherweight tournament which takes place on Aug. 31, and whilst the results of her hard work may not be brandished all over television, there is no doubt that nobody will be turning away when she enters the cage in her hometown of Tuggeranong.

“I have gone from 80 kilograms [176 pounds] and will get down to 65 [143 pounds] at the time of the fight,” Peruzzi revealed in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I am still cutting the last few [kilos] and the whole journey was a little bit hard for me because I’m a bit of a foodie [laughs]. I had to say no a lot of times.

“I really want to stay around the 65-kilogram mark after this fight, or even try and get down to 62 kilograms [136 pounds]. It’s just easier to get fights at the smaller weight, and ever since it was announced I really wanted to do the eliminator, so it was a good test for me.”

Having something in common with your significant other is a key element in any successful relationship. Peruzzi is lucky that her passion for martial arts is shared by her partner and that he embraces her career as a fighter just as much as she does.

“Me and my partner would always watch [mixed martial arts] before I started to get into it, and him being into it makes it a lot easier for me,” she admitted. “Some guys can get a little bit jealous when their partner is always around other guys or wrestling and grappling and stuff like that, but he’s been really supportive and he wants to see me do really well.”

As all fighters know, there is nothing like a win in your hometown. For Peruzzi, who is from the Tuggeranong area, the Storm Damage event is as hometown as it gets. She will be looking to put on the best show that she can for her supporters.

“For my first one [on Storm Damage], because it was a short-notice fight I didn’t have as many people in the crowd for me,” she said. “For my second one, there were around 40 people that came to see me fight, so winning in front of them was just amazing. I love fighting in front of friends and family, so I am really looking forward to this next one.”

In her first-round match-up, Peruzzi comes up against New Zealand’s Faith Duin, who not only has a striking background, but is also confident with the fight hitting the ground. Peruzzi will be looking to hit the mark early and win.

“I have a bit of a striking background, but I’ve really been working on my ground game as well,” she said. “I know that in my fight I will always be looking for that gap to come forward, and I’ll just be in there looking to do as much damage as I can.”

On Aug. 31, Peruzzi’s weight-loss journey comes to its final hurdle. In front of her hometown crowd, she will get the chance to show friends, family and supporters that when she puts her mind to something, there is no stopping her. Unlike the weight-loss plans that you see pop up and disappear just as quickly, she plans to show that in this sport, she isn’t going anywhere but up.

Michelle would like to thank Storm Oshyer and the team at Storm MMA, Dark Carnival, EPIC BJJ and her friends and family. She would also like to thank her partner, Tim, who has been incredibly supportive throughout her preparation for her upcoming fight.

Photo: Michelle Peruzzi (Facebook.com/MichelleThePowerhousePeruzzi)

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