Bruno Pucci had just visited the doctor. The news wasn’t good—he needed to exercise more. He needed to change his ways.

“When I was younger I wasn’t into many activities,” Pucci, now in his 20s, admitted in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “When I was around 13 years old, I had some health problems and doctors told me that I need to exercise more.”

The answer came to the teenager when he was walking home one day. As he made his way down the street, he noticed a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym.

“That’s when I started training, and I really haven’t looked back since then,” Pucci explained.

When he first stepped foot in that gym, little did he know that the doctor’s orders had led him to what would become his true calling. On that day, he started down a road that eventually garnered him two No-Gi World championships as a purple belt and brought him to the world of mixed martial arts.

Making his way to the other side of the world was not something that Pucci had ever imagined he would do whilst he was undertaking his training in Brazil. With mixed martial arts growing so quickly over the years and with Brazil being such a hotbed of talent, on paper, the likelihood of him ever moving probably seemed like a one in a million scenario. However, Pucci saw a chance that was just too good to pass up.

“I was teaching BJJ in Brazil and this opportunity [with Evolve MMA] was something that I really wanted to take up,” he explained. “Besides my family, I didn’t really have anything keeping me in Brazil, and when I heard about Evolve, I did some research and saw how many World champions were there, so I thought that this would be a great chance for me to develop as a fighter and as a trainer.

“We have a lot of world-class trainers here, and I like it over here very much. Everything is very easy to get used to even though it is the other side of the world. We have a lot of guys that are very good at different parts of the sport, so it’s good that we can all help each other. Once I got over here [to Singapore], I realized that training and competing and everything was the life that I want. I want to train and fight the best people in the world.”

Pucci heads into his Sept. 13 clash for ONE FC in Jakarta, Indonesia, sporting an undefeated record with two wins from two fights with both bouts ending by way of submission. Pucci is facing off with Pakistan’s Bashir Ahmad, who also has an undefeated record. Leading into what will be just his third professional fight, Pucci is conscious of the fact that whilst his previous two affairs have ended on the ground, anything can happen in mixed martial arts. He has to be ready for that and a whole lot more.

“I am very excited for this fight. It’s a big fight for me and my first fight in Asia since coming over here,” he said. “I am very comfortable going into this fight and confident that I can show the improvements that I have made. I do plan to go in and get the takedown and win by submission again. BJJ is my background, so I know that I have what it takes to finish the fight when it goes to the ground.

“I have also been working on my striking, and I am looking forward to showing that if I need to. I am confident in my training and very confident heading into the fight.”

Having already achieved everything that he needs to achieve in the grappling world, Pucci is transitioning with great stride into mixed martial arts. With each new fight, he is showing what world-class training can do for a fighter. Whilst his career may be only in its early stages now, it only takes a few wins strung together to make an impact in the sport. And for Pucci, getting another win on Sept. 13 will be just what the doctor ordered.

Bruno would like to thank Evolve Mixed Martial Arts.

Photo: Bruno Pucci (Evolve MMA)