Editor’s Note: The following was submitted to The MMA Corner for publication by a person who personally knows The Ultimate Fighter 18 cast member Shayna Baszler. The writer of this article requested to remain anonymous, but wished to share their thoughts on Baszler, her blog and the most recent episode of TUF. This article is a reader-submitted opinion piece that we’ve opted to publish in order to provide further insight into the story of Baszler’s attitude on The Ultimate Fighter from someone who knows her well.

To be completely honest, Shayna Baszler is a very dear friend of mine. In fact, I risk certain death if she finds out I wrote this without telling her first. Enjoy the perspective please; if I go missing you know who to question…

In the movie Training Day, Denzel Washington won an Academy Award for playing Det. Alonzo Harris, one of the best bad guys to ever grace the silver screen. He is such a compelling antagonist that you are actually torn between rooting for the straight-laced cop, Jake Hoyt (portrayed by Ethan Hawke), or the clear heel of the movie in Denzel’s character. Near the climax, he famously explains to a bewildered Hoyt that he has wandered deep into a carefully orchestrated and planned trap.

You are Jake Hoyt, Shayna Baszler is Alonzo Harris. “The shit’s chess, it ain’t checkers.”

There are a few things that I want to put out there, some of which she won’t. Some need to be reiterated, but all are true.

  1. She has truly dedicated her life to mixed martial arts. There are less than five women that have contributed even close to what she has done to advance the sport of women’s MMA to where it is today. And while she’ll make the off-the-cuff remark about it, please take this next sentence seriously. She is a trailblazer and a pioneer in this sport with a skill set that, when applied properly, is unmatched.
  2. Many people thought she shouldn’t have been required to go through The Ultimate Fighter to reach the UFC. She has never told me that directly, but I feel that she wouldn’t disagree. Still, she put in for vacation days at work, bought a ticket to Las Vegas and went to try out like everyone else. Eleven-plus years into a storied career and she stood in line, she rolled, she sparred and she interviewed. They didn’t ask her to attend, she showed up.
  3. Shayna is one of the nicest and funniest people on the planet. I have yet to meet someone that knows her personally who doesn’t gush about how great she is. She’s the definition of a stand-up person. If you don’t like her, then it’s the “Queen of Spades” character that you know, not the real Baszler.
  4. When the cameras are on, she understands it is time to dance, and not every dance is a polite one. Besides a challenge from Chael Sonnen or Josh Barnett, she’s got one of the best grasps on that end of the business. You’re kidding yourself if you think the UFC doesn’t love her stirring up a hornets’ nest of controversy.
  5. I know this sounds crass, but Shayna effectively beat herself in episode two of TUF 18. I’m not apologizing for her losing; she lost fair and square in a great fight. To be intellectually honest, Julianna Pena is not even close to where Shayna Baszler is in terms of technique, experience and skill. After impressing in the first round, Shayna lost her fight to a relative unknown because she didn’t have the sense of urgency that Julianna did in the second round. She’s acutely aware that she could have blown her only shot. Imagine how that feels.
  6. She has a deep respect for Ronda Rousey, and after reading some of the texts between them the last few days, I do too. Ronda’s emotion towards Shayna is not an act. They are both often viewed as villains and they share that experience. They are passionate, competitive and fiercely loyal fighters.
  7. She broke the internet. No seriously, so many people went to her candid blog recap after the second episode, the site crashed. The site set new 12-hour and 24-hour traffic records. Twitter and social media went insane for a solid 24 hours after her fight. The Twitter tag #QueensArmy trended, and hundreds or likely thousands of people wrote UFC President Dana White to express their desire to see her fight in the UFC. Message boards sprang to life, people argued, raged and lamented about Shayna, her fight and her future in the UFC.
  8. The viewership rating difference from episode one to episode two set a new record for largest increase in the 18-year history of The Ultimate Fighter. In nearly all seasons, the ratings actually go down from episode one to episode two. Episode two’s storyline was squarely on Shayna’s back. Love her or hate her, you have an opinion and you’re watching.

The women of season 18 are making MMA on The Ultimate Fighter fun again. Dana White is a genius for adding women this year, and people are engaging the show anew. It is my humble suggestion to Mr. White to keep that genius streak rolling. Sign the “Queen of Spades” and never look back.

– A friend

Photo: Shayna Baszler (Esther Lin/Invicta FC)

  • It’s called “entertainment”. Some people are butt hurt over her attitude and selling the fight. THAT’S GOOD!! Would you rather see a boring high five and hand shaking Uriah Hall vs John Howard type of fight, or do you want to see some decent build up and trash talk before the fight?? I like drama in MMA. leave all the hand shaking and hugging behind closed doors. People scream for blood, but go to someone’s Facebook page and bitch about “attitude”. Get the fuck outta here. You want entertainment, now you got it. It’s hard to please MMA fans these days. They don’t know what they want.

    • Mark

      Exactly. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand this. I have to laugh at comments about how Dana would never sign a trash talker like Baszler. The man loves Chael. He would bring Nick Diaz back tomorrow if he said yes. And don’t forget he gave Miesha a title shot and coaching spot purely for the controversy and trash talk. That’s all. This never had anything to do with actual fighting abilities or accomplishments. If it was, McMann or Davis would be on the show. But neither would cause the drama with Ronda, so Miesha got to skip in line coming off a loss and get the undeserved chance.

      • It’s amazing how many people in this world are full of horse droppings! To compare a “nobody” Who made her self look like the biggest hottest loud mouth ridicule her self in front of the hole world! “it’s so funny” no one is hating! Just laughing! This killer was crying,T-T, after being in a fight where she was out punched,bleeding,and choked out! It’s just too funny! Whether she fights again or not it would not have any burst of stardom! She’s not the stamp at the end of that! How dare you compare this mockery to cheal,nick,or people who actually back up what they say! Ronda is the same thing! She sure is keeping quiet on the real p4p champion”cyborg”. Ps, go Julia!!!!.

  • icarly

    If shayna ever steps inside the octagon with me I promise I wont punch her in the face like Julianna kept doing. That was very mean of her.

    • WTF

      You can’t beat Shayna Baszler.

      • icarly

        I honestly think I could, because I spend more time actually training than I do tweeting and begging for a shot in the UFC.

    • Alejandro

      So a girl loses on the show and her friend writes a letter or something? lol how lame mma can be now days. It wasn’t long ago when people just fought because they loved fighting and some liked the thought of making money doing it. Were talking about a girl who lost, even though her “technique” and all the rest were better? She reminds me of that Junie Brownie kid.

  • kmc123

    A lot of people wanted to see Kimbo fight in the UFC too after he got subbed on TUF, because we knew once he lost we’d never have to hear from him again.

    • Burgar Keng Whopare…It’s French.

      That made absolutely no sense. Your post is unsubstantial. Please delete and rewrite.

  • jamal

    When the fight was first announced, I sided with Shayna and thought she’d win. During the second episode, I grew to hate the arrogant attitude and the lack of respect shown to her opponent. She and Rousey have lost a lot of fans just because they showed no true virtues of martial artists.

    “She doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as her”
    “She doesn’t deserve to be in the same octagon as me”
    “She should be attending my seminars”

    I hope Shayna fights in the UFC, so she can fail in Invicta, Strikeforce, TUF & UFC. Show some respect and you’ll get respect.

    • Mark

      This is garbage. Even Pena’s own teammates thought she had no chance. The only one that believed in her was Tate, and that’s only because they’re friends.

      And if Shayna is a failure, was does that make Carmouche? Her resume is worse than Baszler’s, and yet she has gotten tons of UFC hype and an underserved title shot.

      • coolie

        Miesha also trains with her. So its not only bcuz they were friends.

        • Mark

          True. But Miesha was only pulling for Pena because of their connections. Even with her biases towards her friend, I doubt even Miesha could have predicted that outcome beforehand. I mean, does anybody really see her making that same matchup if given the choice? Miesha wouldn’t have done it, because she would have feared losing Pena.

      • Bry (BrownsFan4Life on twitter)

        Some of these comments are just too funny. Some in here probably have never ever in their life seen Shayna Bazler fight before and are judging her on one single fight. Do a little research and you will see that she is pretty damn good. She made some mistakes (all fighters do) and Pena was smart enough to take advantage of them.
        While I still like Shayna but I was rooting for Pena and Team Tate in that fight. I really believe that if Bazler was being coached by Tate, that she would have won that fight.

    • UFC Fan

      Best comment ever. You nailed it, I feel identically.

    • German Titv

      I was rooting for Shayna & Ronda until a minute into Episode 2. After that I started to realize that their arrogant and selfish attitude were signal of weakness. During the show “the queen of (broken) spades” was on the verge of ridiculeness and RR (legally flat) showing her nick-diaz-barking attitude.
      It was a moment of enjoyment when Julianna Pena said: “Shayna, I’m gonna kick your ass” and … she did!.
      Would they fught again, Shayna’s ass will be kicked again. She is mentally destroyed; the next time she is not going to fight a nobody, she will fight somebody thar beat her badly. My advice is: Shayna, go back to your seminars, if you are lucky and find somebody that believes you.
      And for RR, keep crying; with your tears you will clean Miesha’s shies on December, when your “magic star” dissapear.
      An unfriend.

  • jasper

    Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to dislike shayna any more, this editorial appears…

  • Ronda Rousey

    Ok guys… it was me, Ronda Rousey, that wrote the editorial. How dare that Julianna think she won just because she punched Baszlers face in then made her tap. The Q of S needs to be in the UFC right now… flossing and cleaning Fabers chin.

  • Bry (BrownsFan4Life on twitter)

    I am a huge fan of WMMA and I like Shayna a lot. Been following her on twitter for a while (long before TUF) What I didn’t like were the excuses she made and that isn’t impressing anyone, Dana White (he said so on his Google Chat) included.
    Shayna has been fighting a long time and is definitely a trailblazer so she does deserve a shoT in the UFC. WMMA wouldn’t be where it is today without here.
    Her attitude is hurting her though or at least if you go by what they did show on TV. She really needs to take every fight seriously. It seems to me that no one in the house expected Pena to win but being overly cocky can contribute to your downfall. She is an immense talent but you don’t win on talent alone.
    Like I tweeted to her, hold your head up. You are a pioneer and deserve a shot in the UFC.

    • fades

      I think you meant to say “you cant win on experience alone.” Julianna just proved you can win on talent alone.

  • Agreed! I have been a HUGE Shayna fan for YEARS. I don’t have a TV (sorry modern world) so I’ve never actually seen the show but I’ve only paid attention to its results through social media this year because of the woman, and specifically, Shayna (also Roxanne Modafferi – I frickin love her). I can get an idea of what happened based on everyone’s reactions but I still have my opinion – I LOVE Shayna and she rightfully deserves her spot in the limelight. She truly has done so much for the sport and I would love to see her finally get credit for that.

    • teenyleesa

      She did get credit for what she’s done. She was chosen to be on TUF over hundreds of other women. Once youre on the show you have to win in order to advance. Sounds like you want the losers to advance and the winners sent home.

      • Mark

        Shayna should have never had to win on TUF in the first place. The whole thing is bogus and nothing but politics. The UFC has signed women who have never even fought at bantamweight before. Yet a longtime 135lb vet is supposedly not good enough? How many people know that Baszler has a better resume and more top wins than Carmouche? Or that she already beat Davis and lost a very close fight with McMann? Shayna is also one of the very few female fighters that talks trash. Some people may may claim to hate that, but it sure keeps people interested. Just look at the reaction online to her and Rousey. Or look at this season in general. Tate got this undeserved chance for that reason and that reason alone. Dana loves these kind of nasty feuds, and will obviously milk it for all its worth.

  • raptor

    Great post, Shayna. Way to lick your own asshole.

    BTW, you “breaking” the internet here was not a good thing. People went to that post to shit on you for being such a sore loser. See ya never!

    • al

      Baszler is hated and the old ladies career is over if she had a career

  • The one

    This article is a sad attempt to get Shayna in the UFC. She had her chance and lost her first fight in the house. Stop making excuses for her. Some people are meant to be journey men others are meant to be champions. If you lose the will to push harder then your opponent in round 2, if fighting to be in UFC isn’t cause enough to fight your hardest then you shouldn’t be allowed back because you say you could’ve done better. Shayna’s act of entitlement was sickening

    • Mark

      It’s not entitlement if it is true. Are you aware that the UFC has signed women who have never even fought at 135 before? Forget having no top wins, women like Gaff and Andrade have beaten nobody in the weight class. The idea that they are more deserving than Baszler is a joke. As is the suggestion that the UFC is about talent and merit. They have champs fighting people coming off of losses (GSP/Diaz, Rousey/Tate, etc) purely because of UFC politics.

      • Mark

        BTW, look up Shayna Baszler’s record and compare it to Liz Carmouche’s some time. All but one of Liz’ wins came against fighters with losing records. Andrade is the lone exception, and she had never fought at 135 before. Whereas Shayna finished the top ten Sarah D’Alelio less than a year ago. She also beat Alexis Davis and Elaina Maxwell. If you don’t know who Maxwell is, look her up on Sherdog. She is one of the better 145lb female fighters. These wins completely blow Carmouche’s out of the water.

        • JD

          I’m starting to think that Mark is actually Shayna. The fact is Shayna, er I mean Mark, you lost more fans in your limited time on the show than you ever had coming in. If they ever do another women’s TUF, and you happen to make it in the house again, try showing at least a tiny bit of respect to your opponent(s) instead of making comments like “she should be attending one of my seminars instead of fighting me” and at the very least you’ll endear yourself to some people rather than look foolish. Besides, those who can “do” are in the UFC, those who can’t teach the seminars that you feel others should attend.

          • Mark

            Yeah, because we all know how much the UFC hates cocky fighters… Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock, Tito, Rampage, Nick Diaz, Brock Lesnar, BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Ronda Rousey, etc. And don’t forget Dana (who talks more trash than all the fighters combined).

            As far as the UFC having the best fighters, don’t make laugh. A third of the female roster has never even won a fight at 135 before. They were signed solely to showcase the contenders for an ignorant public. Then they will be disposed of like so much trash after they served their purpose. Just ask Sheila Gaff about that. Same thing will happen to Sexton, Eye, and Andrade within the next 12 months. They will lose their fights (as intended), and be cut and replaced with other natural 125ers.

  • Heyoo

    She’s not the Hulk Hogan nor The Rock of WMMA… but she’s certainly Macho Man or at least the Honky Tonk Man. Solid mid-card with some occasional main events. She puts on a solid fight when she cares.

    Whether or not she makes a UFC show depends on how deep White needs to make the female 135 class. She sells buys, even when she loses, which she’s done in 3 out of her last 5 fights.

  • Violin Playah

    this loser needs to realize she is a loser, a crap fighter with years of experience is just that: an experienced crap fighter.

    please just go away

  • Joyce Brothers

    It is a classic case of a bull dyke bitterly jealous or even perhaps in love with the feminine pretty girl. Nothing more nothing less. The one is hideous and couldn’t be more manly if she tried, the other as pretty and delicate as a flower.

  • A An Shy

    no way no how is she going to the ufc the baldfather has spoken he laffs at her excuse and says she doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the ufc, so don’t get your hopes up peeps


    compares her to Uriah hall has what it takes in the small show fails in the big show, she fails even in the small show, no chance in hell she make it in the big show :-(

    • Mark

      Dana is about as consistent as he is honest. The UFC has signed natural 125ers with zero wins at bantamweight (Sexton, Andrade, Gaff, and Eye). They have beaten nobody in the weight class to be signed. How were women who had done nothing more deserving than Shayna Baszler? Who has beat the same number of top 135ers as Zingano, Tate, and Carmouche combined?

      • Mark

        Carmouche – Zero top 135ers beaten (all but one of her wins came against fighters with losing records)

        Zingano – Only one top 10 win at 135 (Miesha Tate)

        Tate – (Marloes Coenen is her only top win, and Marloes stopped fighting at 135 because of how awful she performed at that weight)

        Baszler – Alexis Davis and Sarah D’Alelio (She also beat Elaina Maxwell, who is a top 145er)

        Want some others?

        Andrade – Zero wins at 135

        Gaff – Zero wins at 135

        Eye – Hasn’t even fought at 135 before… much less won

        The idea that Baszler isn’t good enough to be signed is laughable.

      • Robert

        Well we do know Dana will take looks and personality over experience, he is the ringmaster of a circus after all, so your friend unfortunately fails in these two aspects. he’s looking for bright bubbly positive go-getter personalities like McGregor, not sour puss, dour whining, negative woe be me’s, like your friend. He says it quite clearly in that video posted above even though indirectly. A fail is a fail, in the fight and in the way it is being handled now. There is no recourse.

        • Mark

          Have you ever seen Gaff? Not to bash her, but she’s got no personality and is not much better in the looks department. Yet the UFC signed her, and used her to pad other fighters records. They’re doing the same thing with Sexton, Eye, and Andrade. They are natural 125ers who will be cut after they lose to the contenders.

          And I’m not buying this argument that the UFC doesn’t like whiny sore losers. Look at Nick Diaz for proof of that. They’d take him back tomorrow if he said yes. And look at who the coach is for the next season of TUF. A guy who has done nothing but lose and disappoint lately (and make tons of excuses afterwards).

          • Robert

            You seem to know a lot but seem to ignore the obvious in your examples:

            Gaff = Europe
            Andrade = Brazil

            they’re needed for those markets when they take fights there.

            As for the men you mention, they are superstars. Your friend is nothing, a no body in an obscure league that is only being plucked for the right cherries now that suit the UFC’s markets and intended audiences. I’ll go so far as to say if Carmouche didn’t “come out” and fill that blank space, your friend might have had a chance just on that aspect alone.

            All about marketing.

          • Mark

            So explain Jessica Eye. She is from America and hasn’t fought at 135 before. And who are they having her fight? A top contender in Kaufman. Then she will given another bad matchup right after, and be cut afterwards. Are you telling me that Baszler couldn’t do that and more? At least Shayna has a realistic chance to beat a contender, and a win over a proven bantamweight means something. Beating Eye does little but give a contender false hype.

            Diaz and Penn are superstars who have done nothing but lose and look embarrassing lately. Having them come back to the UFC will likely just destroy their legacies even further. Yet Dana will have no problem trotting them out there and acting like they are still great fighters. He doesn’t care as long as it makes him money. So I see it as rather hypocritical for him to turn his nose down at Baszler. She has probably has more people talking about her in 24 hours than most of the female roster combined in the past year.

          • Mark

            BTW, I’m not her friend. She’s not even one of my favorites. I’m just calling a spade a spade. Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, this is nothing but politics. Same thing happened with Leslie Smith. They ignored her while signing 125ers who had no business fighting at bantamweight. And don’t tell me this makes business sense because of country of origin. Nobody knows Gaff other than a few people. I doubt most MMA fans could even pick Randamie or Nunes out of lineup either. Contrast that with Smith and Baszler. Who have no problem putting on shows (with their fights and their mouths). Just look at everybody now. More people are talking about Baszler than pretty much the whole female roster combined. Only Rousey and Tate are getting more attention.

        • al

          Baszler looks like a guy anyway.

  • UFC Fan

    So what you’re saying is she beat herself. Despite trying to get into her opponents head, admittedly, by putting the card into her shirt after weigh in’s, she lost to herself. They have a word for that, she choked, if that’s what you’re saying you’re probably right.

    I think she was flat out beat. Out worked, over confident and she came off like an ass. It’s one thing to create controversy and hype but to act exceptionally arrogant by saying the other girl didn’t deserve to be in the same ring as her. Wow! I bet she wishes she could take that back.

    She’s been passed over for years and now we know, rightfully so. She couldn’t beat a girl who didn’t deserve to be in the ring with her.

    Sorry to Shayna’s loyal fans I’m just calling it like I see it and you know it’s a fair assessment. In this business you HAVE TO walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk. And at the very least, if you’ve talked the talk and failed the walk, humble down and accept it. No if’s, and’s or but’s, take ownership for the loss and focus on what’s next.

    • Robert

      Exactly what Dana always says he doesn’t care what his fighters do or say in or out the cage provided they take ownership of their mistakes. We have seen it time and time again with people tweeting inappropriate things, making inappropriate comments in the media etc. etc. and everything always turns out fine so long as they step up and own their errors. It’s not possible to make it clearer to anyone and any fighter that he is a stickler for that simple thing. This massive denial of losing to a better opponent you can bet the bank he is acutely aware of it and is most certainly not happy or impressed.

      • blacky

        At least people here are giving her some advice. She can still get the UFC’s attention by putting together an impressive 3-4 fight win streak and having a more respectful attitude. I don’t think it helps that not a single one of her 15 wins were by ko/tko.

      • Mark

        Dana doesn’t care about any of that junk. Tito was in the UFC and making constant excuses despite not having won in years. I’d also like to know when Diaz has owned any of his many shortcomings. Dana kept both and continued making money off them.

        • darbycrash81

          Get off shaynas’ nuts already. Either you are delusional or being paid by rouseys’ camp to help with her public persona which has taken a hit as of late (both ladies). 1 win, 3 loses, Shaynas record for her last 4 fights. This is somehow deserving of a shot in the UFC? Her best years have come and gone. Shayna faltered when it counted most, while Julianna showed determination and heart, that is why she merits a place in the UFC and why shayna does not.

          • Bry (BrownsFan4Life on twitter)

            So you look at stats and come to that conclusion but you probably don’t even know who she fought or what their records are. Stats don’t tell the entire story and NEVER will. If she doesn’t get into the UFC it will not be because of the lack of talent but lack of being strong mentally.
            It isn’t always about wins and losses in determining who stays or goes in the UFC.
            Shayna has a pretty big following and fans are definitely a determining factor that Dana White will take into account. IMO

          • Mark

            If you’re counting her TUF fights, Baszler is actually 2-2 in her last four. Which is the exact same record that Tate has in her last 4 fights. So how is she more deserving of being signed and not Baszler? Miesha’s last win against a ranked opponent was two years ago, and it was against Marloes Coenen. And Marloes hasn’t fought at that 135 since that loss because of how awful she performed at that weight class. Yet the UFC gives her a gift title shot and a coaching position? Based on what? Nothing more than a feud with Ronda and a desire for drama.

          • Mark

            And your argument against Shayna is bunk. If she’s supposedly not good enough to fight in the UFC, why would a win over her mean anything? According to your logic, Julianna simply beat an overrated washed up fighter with no heart. Not much of an accomplishment.

        • Oh the bullshit

          Tito was the LHW champ at 1 point and defended the title several times you thick bitch. A more appropriate comparison would be to Keith Hackney. A random old timer who won some and lost some…. just some run of the mill nothing-special jerkoff.

          • Mark

            Shayna beat Davis just 3 years ago. She also finished Sarah D’Alelio recently. That win was more recent, against a higher ranked opponent, and more impressive than Miesha’s latest win. Shayna also tooled McMann on the feet and held her own on the ground in a very close loss last year. But somehow Shayna is less deserving than Liz Carmouche? Liz has beaten just one opponent with a winning record (and it was a tiny flyweight). Or how about the American born Eye, who has never even won or fought before at 135. You don’t need to be connected to Shayna to see through this hypocritical garbage.

  • Ignacio

    Sorry, but Shayna is the new Bubba McDaniel. She folded thanks to some sloppy striking from Peña, just managed to kind of maintain top control, while barely doing any striking, and gassed in under 5 minutes. She may have been a pioneer, but her game is seriously lacking, and acting like an arrogant prick, dismissing a clearly better effort by her opponent, isn’t going to take her far.

    • jcity


  • mma fan .25

    Okay, I could care less if basZler makes it in the ufc or not. All of you want to bitch about dana white and the matchmaking guys but you dont have their job . And no matter how much you wish on a jon jones star. You won’t have it. Those women listed above regardless of weight class , go for finish. Baszler whoever she has faught seems like a loser when she isn’t winning a decision. I don’t know about you or moat mma fans. But i would prefer a hungry new .135er or a girl from another weight class that’s looking for a legitimate finiah. Ride the bandwagon or not . Baszler is a whiner that seems to have her girlfriend having to back her up more than she can on her own. Just saying.

    • mma fan 25

      Actually didn’t.even.look at her record , just seen her past fights that have been televised and.wasn’t. Impressed. I hope she won’t get her shot but her fan base requires she loses once or twice. (I.e. kimbo slice)

      • al

        no one knew who Baszler was before the fight. just some old broad at 33 embarrassing herself.

    • Mark

      All but one of Baszler’s 15 wins have been finishes. That’s a 93.33% finishing rate. That’s better than Tate, Kaufman, Davis, and Zingano. Only Rousey has done better.

      You want a decision queen… look at someone like McMann. Who has never finished a winning opponent until recently. And it took a gimme fight with a 125er to do it.

  • jcity

    Let me guess, Shayna’s day’s name is Mark. No way you don’t know her, bro, you are way too awkwardly invested in this discussion to be an unbiased party. You seem just as hypocritical, too.

    Anyway, thanks for the laughs (at your expense), Shayna. Doubt we’ll be seeing you again in the UFC.

    • jcity


      Damn iphone

    • Mark

      I guess I’m also connected to Leslie Smith and Rousey as well. As I have gone out of my way to lobby for them many times on here.

      As far as hypocrisy, don’t make me laugh. People like yourself claim that Baszler is a washed up nobody. Then bragging at the same time that Pena beating her was some great accomplishment. Consistency would suggest that if Baszler sucks as bad as you all claim, a win against her proved nothing. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • High School pal

    Dead on! I met Shayna in 4th grade and went to HS w/ her. I dare you to find anyone from our class of almost 400 who had anything negative to say of her ever. You can’t and won’t. Even the class “witch” who hated on everyone, liked her. Shayna is able to socially cross all generations and social classes which you can say of very few people. I honestly think everyone was her friend. Parents love her, grandmas love her, (yes I said grandmas) my kids who are too little to watch mma, love her. They dont know the QOS. Like the previous poster said. There is a difference between knowing Shayna and thinking you know the QOS. QOS fills the seats, Shayna keeps them there. Don’t get me wrong I would never want to be in the cage with the QOS, but I think I speak for many when I say I am in Shayna’s corner for life.

    • QOS

      LOL at this horseshit, what is she like 33 years old now, so 16 years ago she was a sweet cherub cuddly little baby? LOL just lol, so was Jeffrery Dahmer and Ted Bundy is their “cute” high school stage. Instead of this freak spending time cultivating her “persona” and creating some sort of bizarre act which no one gives a shit about, she should spend that time on working her fucking cardio in order to win the important fights that matter. What a moron, no wonder the UFC doesn’t want her.

    • Mark is Baszler’s alter ego

      Was this Retard School? 400 in 1 class? Where did you go to school, Zimbabwe?

  • Shayna the Complayna

    Thats a new nickname I came up with for u Shayna, feel free to use it.

  • al

    Baszler is a loser an old 33 but still a loser. Juliana Pena was cheered on by all America to defeat the obnoxious arrogant nothing Baszler. Baszler never should have been on TUF. Baszler stinks.

    • Mark

      So Pena beat an old washed up nobody. A girl that was not good enough to be on TUF. That’s impressive.

  • al

    Juliana Pena is the Ace of Diamonds after choking out the lowly arrogant Baszler. Baszler at 33 looked terrible and inept.

  • Mike

    Shayna Bayzler’s opponents can’t “breathe the same air she does” because Shayna is constantly getting choked out – like in her last 2 fights. Night, night, hasbeen.

    • al

      Baszler is a loser and at 33 was humiliated by Pena. All America was rooting for Pena to win. So glad to see Baszler lose. who ever she was. Never heard of her before the choke out but others have told me Baszler stinks and always loses.

      • Mark

        If Baszler always loses, how did she beat Alexis Davis? Supposedly one of the best girls in the UFC. How did she tool top UFC challenger Sara McMann? How did she fare much better against Kaufman than Tate? Must have been magic.

  • darbycrash81

    Yeah I’m watching TUF but not because of shayna in particular, I was watching because of meisha who is classy and beautiful, and i’ll continue watching because julianna made me a fan when she out-fought your overrated, hasbeen friend and even better then watching her get knocked out was watching her tap-out to a superior fighter and human being.

  • I agree with this letter 100%

    • Man with average sized dick

      That’s because you wrote it you lanky cow.

    • Mr Sack

      Roxanne Modafferi you are as ugly as the day is long. However I do enjoy engaging in carnal intercourse with beasts like you because it makes me feel like I’m donating my cock to a good cause. :)

  • Research Man

    Hello Friend,

    1. She has lost many fights. Nobody deserves anything, you earn your spot in the UFC. She lost 2 of her last 3 before entering TUF. And what skill set? When I see her fights on youtube everyone’s kicking her ass. Cyborg beat her twice in the same fight. And on TUF she lost to a newbie brawler. She ate every punch, doesn’t even know head movement.

    2. Shows just how little the UFC thought of her, they didn’t even invite her to TUF. Why would they pass up on her if she was so damn good? A conspiracy against Shayna Baszler? Maybe she just isn’t that good. She has no heart and gasses quickly.

    3. Even on her blog here she’s being a sore loser and insulting Pena. It’s unlikely that the whole episode was a character. At times she was having private chats with Rousey and the housemates and still the unjustified arrogance was nauseating.

    4. Controversy? She just sounds like an idiot claiming she’s the next coming when in reality she is just not that good.

    5. Pena beat her in both rounds. Round 1 Pena outstruck her, all Shayna did was have a few positions which she did nothing with. While Pena elbowed and beat the arrogant bitch from the bottom.

    6. They’re both batshit crazy and nauseatingly arrogant and delusional.

    7. Just about every comment is that she is a dickhead of a person. At least Sonnen is funny and Barnett is cerebral. Shayna is just a complete idiot unfunny self absorbed bitch of a woman.

    8. I honestly say I didn’t know anything of her before TUF. I am a “casual fan” though. I didn’t watch episode 2 because of Shayna, rather because the very delicious looking Meisha Tate was now a coach.

    Now both you and your butt buddy Shayna can go fuck yourselves.

    Research Man

    • Mark

      So what did Sheila Gaff do to deserve to be signed by the UFC? Never even fought or beat anyone at 135 before. Neither did Eye before, Andrade, and Sexton. Funny how they were good enough but not proven bantamweights like Baszler, Smith, Moras, and Pennington.

  • Mark is Baszler’s alter ego

    It just has to be. Either that or he’s in love with her. “He” has actually researched all the 135lb UFC girls and commenting on all of them and why Shayna deserves to be in the UFC more than them. Who does that?

    You lost in round 1 of a gameshow. You suck period. No UFC for you Shayna.

    • Mark is Baszler’s alter ego

      Unless you let the bald bastard Dana White stick his dick inside of you. Good luck.

    • Mark

      You don’t need to be Shayna to actually know about the sport. I realize that’s probably too much to ask from dimwits like yourself. Whose knowledge about the subject is pretty much based off a cheesy reality show.

      • Mr Sack

        Are you trying to get in her pants you horny bastard?

        • Mark

          Care to address any of my points? How are people who have never even fought at bantamweight more deserving than Baszler and Smith? At least Pennington, Moras, and Duke have won fights at this weight class. Does the UFC sign them? Nope. They make them prove themselves on TUF while natural 125ers get the free pass to fight right away. And then the UFC sycophants actually have the nerve to talk about girls getting signed because of merit.

          • Mr Sack

            Ok I’ll respond earnestly now. You make good points. However, she has now lost to arguably the worst girl in the house, and by a dominating submission round that she was probably losing 10-8. I think she was stupid to sign up for TUF and risk so much. Essentially she had more to lose as her winning the whole show was expected yet a loss would set her back so much. I’m sure Dana would’ve given her a fight in the UFC.

            However, I have no idea why Dana would sign her now. To be honest I’d love to see her in the UFC, she does seem somewhat attractive and does seem to be able to take a good ass whipping from time to time as her videos I watched on youtube. Lets see what happens.

          • Mark

            I agree with you. That’s why I think this whole thing is messed up. Baszler would have had to beat several decent fighters just to get a shot to be signed by the UFC. Meanwhile you have fighters like Alexandra Albu, who just got signed despite beating nobody of note. Or even fighters like Gaff who have never fought at the weight class before.

            As far as why the UFC would want to sign Baszler, there are many reasons. She’s one of the very few female fighters that talks trash. Like it or not, it gets people talking (as seen here). She’s also a much better fighter than how she performed on TUF. It was just last year that she lost an extremely close fight to McMann. That was fight of the night. Shayna also finished a top ten fighter in D’Alelio (another woman that should be in the UFC) last Oct. Her most recent fight was against Alexis Davis in Jan, and it was also fight of the night. Why wouldn’t the UFC want someone like that? Big personality and puts on exciting fights (win or loss). The worse thing that happens is that she disappoints and they have cut her after a couple of fights. But at least give her a chance.

  • Ryan

    Ive never seen anyone embarass themselves more on national tv than Shayna Baszler. To sum up the episode,…she went into that fight with Pena cocky as hell, thinking this was was nothing and she had this fight in the bag. Everyone knows that on the Ultimate Fighter you must fight like your life depends on it. Its your one shot to change your life…..so it was a pathetic excuse for her to say she viewed it as a sparring session after the fight, and thats why she didnt have that urgency to win. Sounds like bullshit to me…..she may have more experience than Pena, but she damn sure lacked heart…and in my opinion, thats more important. It shows character, GOOD character. Talk is cheap….she proved that….and showed us all the reasons WHY shes not in the UFC yet…and thats pretty much ALL she showed the world on that episode….that and her ridiculous Queen of Spades card “trick” at the weigh-in. Way to go tough guy…

    • Joe Shine

      Baszler looked like she had no experience in MMA during the Pena bout. Baszler’s skill level is beginner at best. no wonder Baszler is still unknown and beaten down. She stinks.

      • Bry (BrownsFan4Life on twitter)

        I love the comments from people who have only seen one fight and think they can tell everything about them and their skills. If you had only seen Benson Henderson fight once, you would say he sucked. Same for Anderson Silva.

        • darbycrash81

          Let me get this straight, only people who root for shayna are educated on mma, everyone else is ignorant? Everyone replying here is fairly educated on mma and so they have an opinion on shayna. One only needs to see a couple of her fights to see that her skills are lacking and have eroded over the years. Simply put- the criteria to continue in the tournament was to beat the opponent put before you, she did not do this and so her opportunity to be the ultimate fighter is over. But we know that several fighters deemed worthy or interesting enough from the show are given the chance to prove themselves in the ufc, so we probaly will see her in the octagon at least one more time.

  • Mr Sack

    Shayna you look like a woman whose pussy smells like rotting tuna.

  • fidel castro

    This lady is completely delusional. She keeps inventing new reasons for losing while its clear to everyone else she’s a novice level fighter. I guess the latest excuse is Julianna was “fighting for her life.” No she wasnt. Its just another lame tactic to discredit Julianna for owning you in under 2 rounds. And shame on you Mark for constantly capping on all these other current ufc women fighters with better records than your bff. I’ll never buy a ppv if this loser is on the card. Go away.

  • Sorry but this is by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on TV! Never came to my mind how the people in this case where gonna be! It’s over and done for but Ronda is a strange person acting like she’s crazy in Zane, mentally ill? Special? Stupid? What Olympics’ are wee talking about? Dang! She was so hot! But she acts like a base head! I’m not sure how this show is going to make me look? How Jerry Springer got a second series. Not hating just laughing! I’m sure that if the fight with cyborg ever happened the outcome would be the same as your side kick shyna! Totally destroyed!!!!!.