When you look back on the great success stories of a fighter and his association with the rise of a worldwide company, the name Eddie Alvarez has been the blueprint staple of what has made Bellator MMA into what it is today. A hungry young fighter from the streets of Philadelphia equipped with the total package in skills combined with a thriving lust for competition, Alvarez was aided by these essentials in his rise to superstardom, culminating with a two-year reign as the Bellator lightweight champion and a ranking amongst the top-5 lightweights in the world.

With Alvarez’s fame, popularity and the reverence of his peers, it seemed as though nothing could possibly go any wrong for him. However, the journey in the fight game is not always fruitful. It also offers its share of setbacks and misfortunes, something with which Alvarez soon became acquainted. Whether it was his lack of motivation or contemplating other career options, it would trigger a downward spiral causing the champion to lose his lightweight title to former Division I wrestler Michael Chandler in what many consider to be the ‘Fight of the Year” in 2011.

Placed in a trying position in which Alvarez had never found himself in his career, the former lightweight champion soon took on the role as the contender climbing back up the ladder. Many questions have flooded the MMA universe concerning his Bellator tenure, and even if he still has what it takes to be the best after such a devastating loss. This query was quickly answered in 2012 with his impressive victories over Patricky Freire and Shinya Aoki.

With his legal battle with Bellator put to rest, Alvarez can now focus on redefining his career. He now has his sights set on his epic rematch with Chandler for the Bellator lightweight title.

The two men are evenly matched in skill and have built great momentum heading into this fight. However, when analyzing the scenario from a logical standpoint, it’s evident that Alvarez has more to lose than Chandler. This may give Alvarez a slight mental advantage. Fans will see a different fighter walking into the cage compared with the one they saw two years ago. From a mental outlook, with so much riding on this fight, he is more driven to regain his title because he is placed in a must-win situation.

He did not previously take Chandler seriously and had UFC aspirations lingering in his head, factors that without question led to his downfall. Now knowing the current champion’s caliber, Alvarez realizes he will be going into a full-scale war to regain his title. In addition, due to Alvarez’s new contract with Bellator, a loss in this fight could leave a big question mark as to the future of his fight career.

A chance at greatness. A chance to regain what was once lost. It is an opportunity every fighter will come across at some point in their careers. After almost a decade of fighting in mixed martial arts, Alvarez has gone through the peeks and valleys that come with being in this sport. Knowing the sensation of triumph and the bitter taste of defeat, he undoubtedly does not want to revisit the feeling of losing.

All crossroads and lessons lead to this redefining moment on Nov. 2 which will answer the burning question to all in this important title fight. It will answer the questions about Alvarez’s supremacy as one of the best fighters in the world.

Photo: Eddie Alvarez (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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