Welcome to The White Belt MMA Podcast, a weekly look at the biggest topics in the MMA world. We’re back, and on a new day to boot! We hope you’ll enjoy starting your work/school week with the White Belt MMA Podcast.

On this episode, we look back on the last couple of weeks in MMA, recapping UFC 166 and UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Muñoz, we look into the future and discuss the latest big fight announcements, and then look back once more into the past when we continue our supplemental coverage of Dale De Souza’s outstanding and ongoing series for The MMA Corner, An Ultimate History. It’s an indecisive episode when it comes to where we look, but it’s nevertheless chock-full of content.

Cain Velasquez was successful in defending his UFC heavyweight title against Junior dos Santos, and seemed to establish himself as the undisputed king of the division. His success and his style are reminiscent of another heavyweight great from a few years ago, but which one? Daniel Cormier also walked away from UFC 166 with a win. How will he fare after dropping to light heavyweight?

The UFC’s latest Fight Night event had three unexpected endings in a row, including Lyoto Machida’s first-round knockout of Mark Muñoz. How will Machida fare moving forward at 185? Which other main-card fighter left a strong impression on Saturday?

Fabricio Werdum was announced as the next contender to the UFC heavyweight championship. Why can’t I decide if this is a good choice or not? And speaking of title contenders, who will Alexander Gustafsson face next as he makes his case for a rematch for the 205-pound belt?

We’ll answer all of these questions, take a side-trip to Bellator, and cover much more in this edition of the White Belt MMA Podcast.

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