As momentum for UFC 167 started to swell heading into the weekend, along with it came some rumblings about Georges St-Pierre’s motivation to continue fighting for the years to come. Perhaps he’s getting a bit bored running through the division, or perhaps it’s something much more troubling.

St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks battled it out for five rounds on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. If you believed St-Pierre still had a chance to win a decision going into the fifth round, then consider yourself one of a very select few outside of Montreal who believed as such. Well, Montreal and two of the three judges sitting cageside of the Octagon.

The morning after the fight, UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes tweeted, “With the decision last night I would have been less surprised if they gave Johny EVERY round. Will go down as worst decision in UFC history.” There was a video posted on Twitter by the UFC which showed Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar in complete disbelief when Bruce Buffer announced the winner. These reactions were mirrored throughout the MMA universe, but we’ve reached a point where we should no longer be surprised, only frustrated with what it does to the sport.

Hendricks is a happy-go-lucky guy who also happens to look like a stereotypical serial killer at times. He’s a humble man who puts forth as much effort into his craft as anybody whose path you’d ever cross. When fans see a decision like this go to the wrong person, it leaves them with a temporary disdain for the sport as they leave the event, whether they’re walking out of the arena or away from the television at a friend’s house. Quite frankly, it feels like a waste of time.

As we all stood there in shock over the judges’ decision, we then had a chance to listen to St-Pierre act as if he deserved to win the fight. St-Pierre starts to go down his list of injuries he obtained during the fight, which if you haven’t notice, he does just as often as Tito Ortiz did. There wasn’t a simple, “Great job Johny, you deserved to win this one and I got lucky.” Instead, it was GSP acting as if he had it in the bag all along.

Inside the Octagon, St-Pierre stated to Joe Rogan that he needs to go away for a bit. He alluded to personal problems that need his attention. Even more alarming is that he said he’s having trouble remembering things. That’s not something you want to hear from anybody, especially at the age of 32.

If GSP has issues to attend to, then so be it. We don’t know exactly what he’s going through, and it would be irresponsible coming to conclusions while we try to view things through his eyes. It was, however, indecent to make this fumbling announcement following a fight he should have lost.

Should GSP go on a hiatus, then UFC President Dana White would either have to strip him of the belt or we’d have to deal with a couple years of interim titles. In addition, Hendricks wouldn’t get what he deserves, an immediate rematch for the title.

Isn’t that the true basis for an immediate rematch? Nowadays, we see situations like the one where Anderson Silva was knocked out by Chris Weidman and granted an immediate rematch. However, those immediate rematches should be reserved for situations just like this, when there is a controversial decision. With GSP riding off into the sunset with the belt strapped around his shoulder, he is polarizing MMA fans and more importantly, leaving Hendricks without a chance to settle the controversy.

Now, this is assuming St-Pierre doesn’t have any debilitating health issues at hand. If he needs to leave the sport to preserve his long-term health, then of course he is not disrespecting anybody. A person’s health and the well-being of one’s family should be the top priority for any individual.

Hopefully St-Pierre is healthy, and hopefully we’ll see Hendricks get another shot against GSP before the end of next summer.

Photo: Georges St-Pierre (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

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Joe Chacon
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Joe Chacon is a Southern California writer that has also spent time as a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, as well as a Staff Writer for Operation Sports. Joe has a passion for the sport of MMA, as well as most other sports.

  • gofuck yourself

    Feel like Georges hasn’t given you your money’s worth?
    You’ve probably never paid a cent to watch a fight because you’re an MMA “writer” lol

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    Hey Go Fuck Yourself…Why don’t you go fuck yourself ? You’re so ball less that you wont even put a name to your comments…You’re a real tough guy aren’t you…Fuck you motherfucker…Fuck You…

  • Steven

    Good article Joe. I always like reading what you have to say. I would love to see a rematch with these 2 great fighters.

  • darbycrash81

    GSP has given us his blood, sweat & tears for years now, if he needs a break he’s earned it. GSP kept up his side of the deal- he fought Hendricks- he is not to blame if your unhappy with the decision. Most people thought Gustafsson won, why isnt Dana giving him an immediate rematch? GSP doesnt owe us anything and we can ask of him but we haven’t earned the right to demand anything of him.

  • Brian

    Americans are hated world wide for a reason. The arrogant homer bully turns everyone off. From a scoring standpoint it was a very close fight. Americans embarrass themselves again ( to the 100 iq n over)

    • darbycrash81

      What the fu@# are you ranting about? Go shout your nonsense at some anti-NATO rally: this is a blog about MMA. Jackass.