It’s finally time for UFC President Dana White to step out of the limelight.

Remember a few years ago when White said—or told, depending on who you ask—that he was going to be more low key when it came to dealing with the media? What ever happened to that? Yeah, I don’t know either.

There is no doubting the fact that White and the Fertitta brothers have done more for the sport of mixed martial arts than any other three human beings on the planet. The Fertittas, for the better part, haven’t been very open when it comes to the media in regards to the UFC. White, on the other hand, seemingly has never met a video camera or microphone he doesn’t love. Hell, the guy records himself leading into every major event.

At every post-event press conference, I would venture to say at least half the media’s questions are directed towards White. As for the responses, well, most of those include some sort of tirade laced with foul language.

Think about this fictitious scenario for just a minute. Imagine NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell taking the lead podium after Sunday night’s game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots. The game ended with a Patriots win in overtime after Denver blew an early lead. Now, picture this exchange:

Media member: Roger, are you disappointed by the outcome of the game?

Goodell: Well, hell yeah, I am! Who wants to pay to see some bullshit tie? Both teams could have won, but they choked. They fucking choked. I mean, come on. None of these bastards could score in 15 minutes? That was a fucking embarrassment of a game. Oh, and the referees were shit.

If that above media exchange were to ever happen, Goodell would be fired approximately four seconds after that statement was made. In football, as well as any other mainstream sport, this behavior wouldn’t be viewed as appropriate conduct. However, these kinds of statements are what has come to be generally expected from White. The problem is that as MMA and the UFC continue to move more and more towards mainstream popularity, I’m pretty sure “Dana being Dana” will not be good for the sport.

The UFC took a step in the right direction when it got rid of the goofy names for events and put the focus on the fighters. The time is now here where the focus should be all about the fighters.

Feed off the personalities of the champions.

Have the up-and-coming fighters get some questions at a press conference instead of the typical, “Dana, when are you coming to (insert wherever media member is from here)?”

Perhaps try not calling the people who made the UFC into what it is today a bunch of names I can’t say here because my momma reads my articles and she would slap me if I repeated those things.

White’s job as a promoter is just that—promoting fights. He doesn’t need to call out everyone on Twitter. He doesn’t need to rip apart everyone who doesn’t see things the way he does. I’m sure away from the spotlight White is a terrific human being, but maybe—just maybe—it’s time to take a step back, promote upcoming events, give top billing to the fighters at all times and quit being so combative with the public.

Photo: Dana White (Rob Tatum/The MMA Corner)

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  • What is the ufc suppose to be? A bout between to warriors? What does safety have in common in a fight? Nothing! All this bull and only drama! Fake winning, Fake row calling Ronda vs Cyborg! Only to disappoint with lousey the retart vs Tate Again! That’s the only bitch the so called champ can beat? Not exactly what ufc used to be my friend! Jon Jones and Alexander no rematch? GSP all of a sudden wants more time off? Hell he had plenty of time off for his knee. Maybe Dominick will totally do media show and asks for more time off,what a champ I’m sure he’ll remain undefeated the way he’s going. Patterns of the know lame ufc.

  • juanito lopez

    Gsp lost period. Dana is what he always has being ugly,nasty,what a surprise? Does it work well to disrespect a world champion who is humble? Nope, his fans are loyal and easy to understand who the foe is here! Does it hurt Dana? Yes. Does it change the fact Gsp lost? No. Does the ufc need moral to discipline? No. It’s not like his trying to be what he ain’t. Example Ronda acting like nick Diaz! Was she like that when she was first doing magazine material? Nope. Dana was also here way before Gsp. He is the purpose you Gsp fans know you’re champion! The issues r calling for fake, wins,no rematches,Gsp should defend him self it’s not like he can’t fight!