Whether you agree with what has happened in the Middle East over the past decade or not, you can’t argue that the bravery of servicemen and servicewomen is second to none. When these men and women go into an environment to serve their country where hostility is constant, it is something that the majority of people can respect. Their lives are literally on the line almost every day.

Prior to being a professional mixed martial artist, Damien Brown served in the Australian Army, and at one time during his tenure he was posted in the Middle East. He makes his return to the region on Dec. 13 for Cage Warriors 61 in Amman, Jordan, only this time his fight will play out inside the cage in front of thousands of screaming fans and his “mission” is to entertain them.

“It’s great to be going over there for a reason that’s not so hostile,” Brown explained in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I’m happy that I get to be going back over there for a different reason. The fans over there are going to be getting to see a world-class show like Cage Warriors, and I get to go in there, put on my show and entertain the fans. That’s what I am all about.”

Brown (R) (Facebook)

Brown (R) (Facebook)

Cage Warriors 61 will mark the second time this year that Brown has fought internationally and is the first time that he has fought outside of the Asia-Pacific region.

“It’s a worldwide show, so I am looking forward to fighting everywhere that they send me,” he said. “It feels awesome to be making me debut. We’ve been talking to them for a while, so, now that it’s all happening, I’m keen to get that level of exposure. I don’t just wanna go in there and show everyone who I am, I want to go in and let them know where I’m from and what my team is all about.”

Having narrowly missed out on a spot in the cast of The Ultimate Fighter: Nations, Brown views the turn of events as a blessing in disguise now that he has the opportunity ahead of him to be seen competing by Cage Warriors’ dedicated fan base all around the globe.

“[The TUF trials] was a great learning experience,” he said. “I was a little bit disappointed I didn’t get in, but you know how it goes. One door shuts and another one opens. I now get the opportunity to fight in a different part of the world to what I have before, and it’s a new opportunity to get people seeing exactly what I can do in that cage. I’m ready to put on a show to remember.”

The last time that Brown competed was in June. That has been a longer layoff than usual, but it was one that was far from wasted. As with a lot of professional fighters, Brown may not get as much time with his loved ones as he would like. The time away from focusing on the sport that he loves proved to be invaluable.

“It’s been good to have six months off,” he said. “Being able to spend time with my beautiful wife has been priceless for me. With all the work I put in, it can be hard to be able to spend quality time with her, but that’s a part of what we do. I’ve really put in the hard yards over the last few years, and I’m itching to fight overseas again and represent the team at Integrated MMA.”

Brown (L) (Facebook)

Brown (L) (Facebook)

In his Dec. 13 Cage Warriors debut, Brown has drawn Frenchman Julien Boussuge, who is coming into the fight riding a two-fight winning streak and is also poised to make his debut with Europe’s leading mixed martial arts organization.

“I don’t know too much about him,” Brown admitted. “I just know that he’s from France and he’s aggressive. It doesn’t really matter to me, though. I’ll go in there and do my thing, and I know I’ll put on a show that the fans want to see, and I know I can make an impact in my first fight for Cage Warriors.”

When Brown disembarks from his plane on Dec. 13, he will return to a region where he put his life on the line. This time around, there will be no guns, no body armor and no hostility to be felt when he makes his way around the beautiful country of Jordan. The only “orders” that Brown has when he touches down are to leave Jordan with a victory and to entertain fans who want to see some of the best up-and-coming fighters in the world do battle inside the cage. And those are orders that he plans to fully comply with before he returns home.

Damien would like to thank ASN Chermside, Again Faster Equipment, Rocktape Australia, Prodigy Fit, Integrated MMA, Marc Fiore and his wife. Follow Brown on Twitter: @Beatdown_Brown

Top Photo: Damien Brown (Facebook)

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