A big part of the fight game is emotion. When L.C. Davis steps into the cage on Saturday night, his emotions will be running high and the stakes couldn’t be much greater. At this point in his career, Davis is mature and ready to face that emotion and pressure. He’s ready to come out on top.

Davis is fighting in the main event of the Victory Fighting Championship card this Saturday in Omaha, Neb. He will be defending his Victory bantamweight championship against the current Victory featherweight champion, UFC and Bellator veteran Ryan Roberts. The added emotion and pressure in this match-up comes from the fact that this fight is taking place in Roberts’ hometown and the entire show is dedicated to Roberts’ sister, who was murdered in August.

Davis (top) (Jade Kimmel/The MMA Corner)

Davis (top) (Jade Kimmel/The MMA Corner)

“Honestly, when this fight first got offered to me, I really didn’t even want to take the fight because of the circumstances,” Davis revealed.

However, he also understood the opportunity he was being given and decided to take the fight. Since then, he has gone through some family hardships of his own. Davis’ brother was reported missing in October and hasn’t been seen since. That made him look at this bout in a different light.

“It’s still a tough time for me, but it kind of opened up my eyes a bit to realize that everybody goes through something. Everybody has a story, but life goes on,” Davis explained. “I can’t dwell too much on the emotions or what he’s motivated by or the crowd is motivated by. The bottom line is he is going to have to beat me up to win, and I don’t think that is going to happen.”

This is certainly the first emotional setback of this kind that Davis has faced in his fighting career, but he has gone through some other obstacles on the journey to where he is today. Davis is a WEC veteran, but he never got the call to step inside the UFC’s Octagon. His last fight in the WEC was just days after Zuffa announced that it would merge the two organizations. In that last fight, Davis lost a decision to current UFC contender Raphael Assuncao. It was his second in a row and ended up being very consequential.

“I actually signed a five-fight UFC contract. Then I lost and I got released. It was a tough pill to swallow,” Davis said.

After his release from Zuffa, Davis lost his next fight by split decision. Since then, he is on a four-fight winning streak and is undefeated after moving down to 135 pounds. Getting to the UFC is still the ultimate goal for Davis, and he feels like he is getting closer with every fight.

To reach that goal, Davis still has to come out victorious against Roberts.

“From what I do see, he is real big and strong and pretty aggressive, but honestly I don’t know too much about him,” Davis admitted.

That is a change for Davis from the earlier stages of his career where he felt like he focused too much on his opponent.

“Early on in my career, I would watch a ton of footage on the other fighter. And, you know what? I felt like it kind of psyched me out,” Davis said.

Now, Davis looks for a little bit of footage to learn a guy’s tendencies, but likes to focus more on what he is going to do. Davis now believes there’s just one factor that will lead him to victory. What is it?

“Just being a mixed martial artist,” he said. “I think the key to winning this fight and all fights is just to mix it up.”

Davis (Jade Kimmel/The MMA Corner)

Davis (Jade Kimmel/The MMA Corner)

Davis’ confidence is certainly high coming into this fight. He truly believes that he is ready if the UFC comes calling after this bout.

“I’m undefeated at 135. I’ve yet to go against one of those top-10 guys, but I know what I can do and I would love to prove what I can do. All I need is that opportunity,” he said.

Davis is also a huge fan of the sport, and like most hardcore fans of the sport, he is really looking forward to the showdown between Renan Barao and Dominick Cruz. The fight means that much more to Davis because it will crown the undisputed champion of his division. Davis is skeptical about Cruz’s chances coming off such a long layoff, but that is mostly due to his high opinion of Barao. Davis thinks Barao is the clear top bantamweight fighter in the world, and he would love to one day get a shot at him.

Davis is ready to take that next step to get into the UFC, and he knows what he needs to do against Ryan Roberts to achieve his goal.

“With a dominating win, I don’t know how they can deny me.”

L.C. would like to thank all of his supporters coming into this bout, including all of his family and friends and his fiancée, Kylie Shepard. He would also like to thank his coaches, Travis Conley, Melvin Wesley, Jason High and Brandon Hayes, and all of his teammates at HD Mixed Martial Arts. He also wants to thank all of his sponsors, including, but not limited to, Carmen’s Café, Italian Delight, 68 Inside Sports and Title MMA. L.C. thanks everyone for their support and looks forward to representing them well in Omaha. Follow Davis on Twitter: @lc_davis

Top Photo: L.C. Davis (top) (Jade Kimmel/The MMA Corner)

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