With the ever-changing presence of social media, we are now geared towards having a wealth of information at our fingertips. Life is all about being in the “now.” News travels faster than ever.

It seems like a funny notion, but our telephones aren’t used as much for actual conversations as they used to be. Email, Twitter, Facebook, text messages and Skype all make the idea of communication that much easier and convenient.

A phone call, though? It’s still the most powerful form of communication.

Just ask Bec Hyatt.

“My phone was ringing and it was a private number, so I just picked it up and it was Dana [White]. I kinda froze [laughs]. I couldn’t believe it,” Hyatt explained in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “He sounded just like he does in his media scrums, and he was genuinely excited about telling me what was going on. After I got off the phone, I saved his number in my phone as ‘Dana Fucking White’ [laughs]. That phone call was just something that I never expected, and it has changed life for me and my boys.”

Ask any mother or father and they will tell you that the heartache endured from being away from their children for an extended period of time can be overwhelming. Recently, Hyatt made a trip through Canada and America in order to continue her training and development. Throughout that time, she was away from her two sons.

“It’s harder for them than what it is for me,” she admitted. “They are both mummy’s boys, so they really miss me when I am away. Whenever we are on Skype, they are always asking when I’ll be home and they just want me there. It’s hard, but it’s something that we all deal with.”

The aura created by the UFC means that when a professional fighter can go from watching pay-per-views on the couch to competing in the cage, it’s almost as if they are experiencing what it is truly like to be a professional competitor for the very first time. It’s the pinnacle of  the sport, and it makes the desire to win all the more powerful.

“It’s so surreal, and I haven’t really been able to take it all in yet,” Hyatt said. “The pressure has been taken off a little bit with the way they are doing it this time. We aren’t fighting for a contract, but we are fighting for that title and that’s what everyone wants. It does make it a little bit different, but at the same time I really want that title and I’m gonna get it.”

Training with Hyatt out of Gamebred Combat Club in Brisbane, Australia, are Ben Wall and Brendan O’Reilly, who have now both gone through The Ultimate Fighter experience. Being able to draw on the experiences of her teammates will give Hyatt a true insight into what it is like inside the house, and it also gives her a boost in confidence knowing that she is training with the very best competitors that are available to her.

“Ben has told me to prepare for boredom [laughs]. [Having TUF alums] shows the kind of athletes and fighters that we have at Gamebred,” Hyatt exclaimed. “We have all worked hard to get to where we are and we will continue to work hard. There’s a lot of good things coming out of the gym.

“I’ll be doing a lot of my training out of Gambred, but we are also looking to take my camp over to America before the series starts. My management are just looking at some options now so that I am able to take the boys [Zake and Enson] over there with me.”

Every professional fighter has aspirations of being able to fight in the UFC. For some, the unfortunate fact is that it will never eventuate. There was a time for women’s mixed martial artists that the idea of competing in the sport’s premier organization was a mere dream.

“I sorta figured that if it was going to happen it would happen right at the end of my career,” Hyatt admitted. “I never thought this would come so soon. I always thought when I started fighting that I’d want to fight in the UFC, and it’s amazing now that so many women have the opportunity to fight there. Now, it’s my time to go in there, and I am taking the title.”

It can take just one phone call to change someone’s life forever, and that’s pretty well what has happened for Hyatt and her 10 current castmates for The Ultimate Fighter 20. These women are set to make history as they battle it out in the first season of the reality television series that sees the winner walk out with a UFC championship belt. Whilst social media may allow an event or conversation to be shared and remembered by thousands and even millions of people worldwide, there is still nothing like the personal touch of a telephone call. Tweets and status updates can always be deleted, blocked or overlooked, but the sound of a voice, that is going to stay with someone forever.

Bec would like to thank Americana MMA, Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia (FACAA), Promoshack, Alchemist Management and her family, Kristy, Ian and Mary Rawlings, as well as all of her supporters. Follow Hyatt on Twitter: @RowdyBec

Photo: Bec Hyatt (Jeff Vulgamore/The MMA Corner)

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