The Ultimate Fighting Championship held its first live event broadcast exclusively for UFC Fight Pass members early Saturday morning. Although it wasn’t what one would call a “stellar” event, the web-based debut from Singapore was a decent show. The card had its highlights, lowlights and oddities. Speaking of which…

Max Holloway’s Back Tattoo

First off, I love tattoos. I have more than my fair share and plan to get more. However, I just don’t understand Holloway’s tattoo at all. I get the whole wings thing, but they are two completely different wings. Maybe there is some reason that is unbeknown to us behind it. Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to get an explanation on Twitter.

The 12-6 Elbow Rule is Just Dumb

Is there really a difference between a 12-6 elbow, a 6-12 elbow, a 3-9 elbow, a 4-11 elbow and so on? The rule is just dumb and should really be changed. There were two fights that were affected by this dumb rule. Kyung Ho Kang was, without a warning being issued, deducted two points in the first round of his fight against Shunichi Shimizu for landing a pair of pretty insignificant looking 12-6’ers that didn’t seem to hurt Shimizu very much. The setback in points ended up not mattering, as Kang went on to secure a third-round submission.

The elbows did play a bigger roll in the fight between Kiichi Kunimoto and Luiz Dutra. Dutra landed a trio of 12-6’ers, but they landed right on the back of Kunimoto’s head. It was clear that those elbows rocked Kunimoto’s world. Kunimoto won by disqualification and was taken out of the Octagon on a stretcher. Hopefully it was a precautionary measure.

Here’s what I’m getting at—it doesn’t matter if it’s a straight or rounded 12-6 elbow. If either lands, it’s going to do damage. So, as long as you’re not striking someone in an illegal place, as Dutra did against Kunimoto, you should be able to throw either one.

Tatsuya Kawajiri is Good…and Kind of a Jerk

Kawajiri and Sean Soriano faced off against each other in their UFC debuts. Kawajiri is pretty well known by the die-hard fans for all his exciting fights under the Pride, Shooto and Dream banners. Soriano was the next big thing coming out of the Blackzilians and was sporting an undefeated 8-0 record. On this night, Soriano got thrown in too deep, too early, and was completely tooled by Kawajiri. Soriano showed brief glimpses of what he could be capable of, but Kawajiri was just way too good for him.

After the fight, Kawajiri went on a rant that I doubt anyone could understand, but it did end with some disparaging comments about his opponent that drew boos from the crowd. All fighters can’t be as classy as Ronda Rousey, right?

Hyun Gyu Lim has Balls the Size of King Kong’s

Wow. That’s all I can really say about Lim. He took a vicious beating from the hands and legs of Tarec Saffiedine for five rounds.

Saffiedine threw the kitchen sink, some rafters, and whatever kind of car he owns at Lim’s left thigh. By the third round, Lim could barely walk. Nobody would have blamed him if the fight was called off after a kick to the aforementioned thigh sent him to the canvas the first time…or the second time…or the third time…or the fourth time…or the fifth time. Instead, Lim showed the heart of a champion—and the size of balls that would require a wheelbarrow to carry around—and kept coming forward. Even after he limped out of his corner to begin the final round, he took the fight right to Saffiedine while the former Strikeforce champion did his best impression of Oscar de la Hoya when he fought Felix Trinidad.

Battered, bloody and hardly able to walk, Lim actually hurt Saffiedine as the fight was coming to a close, but time worked against him and allowed Saffiedine to take home a unanimous decision victory. Saffiedine may have gotten the win on his record, but I bet everyone watching can’t wait to see Lim fight again.

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  • Lance

    Kawajiri’s comments were misunderstood, he clarified later so please get your facts straight as he did not mean any disrespect.