The dream of fighting in front of thousands of people worldwide wasn’t one that a boy growing up in a suburb in Campbelltown, New South Wales, thought would ever come true. Well, that’s about to change.

“Ruthless” Rob Lisita has become the latest edition to the Australian contingent of the ONE FC roster. The MMA Corner can confirm that Lisita has been signed to a two-year, multi-fight contract following his win over “Lion” Takeshi Inoue.

Lisita is currently riding a three-fight winning streak with all three of the bouts ending in the second round, Now, he is eager to showcase his abilities for fans all around the world in the ONE FC cage.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to get some consistent fights and show that I really am the best fighter in all of Asia,” Lisita explained in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “After receiving offers from all of the major promotions all around the world, I chose to go with ONE FC because of the great opportunities that can come of it and so that I can become a world champion. I’m coming for that ONE FC title, and I don’t care if I have to beat everybody in the division to get it.

“I get to fight my fight with ONE FC, and I am looking forward to the rules being in my favor. I can’t wait to get in there and use soccer kicks and knees and just fight the fight that the fans really wanna see. I’m pretty good at getting people into the crucifix position, so if I can use knees and elbows from there, I know that it’s gonna make for fights that people all over the world will remember.”

Having closed out 2013 after handing Inoue the first stoppage loss of his career, Lisita is ready to head back into the cage as soon as possible. With ONE FC having already started to confirm bouts for its first show of 2014, it’s unlikely that Lisita will be featured on the March 12 event. However, he is keen to show his new employer just what he can do on the world stage.

“At this stage, it’s looking like I’ll be fighting in April,” Lisita said. “It doesn’t really bother me who they put me against, because it’s gonna be the same as all of my last fights. I’m going in there to take the fight to them and get the win. I’ll do it at whatever cost, that’s just who I am and what I’m about. I’m in there to fight you and take you to a brawl that you could never even dream of.”

The ONE FC rule set and judging criteria will certainly play into the favor of Lisita’s aggressive style inside the cage. Being able to utilize all styles of ground strikes and having the fight judged on a whole as opposed to a round-by-round basis means that his constant application of pressure throughout an entire 15-minute affair will be rewarded.

“It’s about dragging people into the fight that I want to fight,” he said. “It seems to me like every time I go into a fight, people are saying that my opponent is doing well when they are being evasive and all of that. And when they try and trade, they are so courageous. If guys go into a fight with me and they run, I’m gonna chase them and bring the fight to them like they wouldn’t believe. And you can bet on it that if they hit the ground, I’ll be running after them and I have no problem using soccer kicks to get the win.”

With his career meeting new heights for 2014 thanks to his opportunity with ONE FC, Lisita also has plans for his family. In the last week of 2013, along with his contract signing, some more personal news came to light. It’s something that has inspired the Phuket Top Team featherweight to strive for success inside the cage even more so.

“I’m looking forward to being active, and it’s a great setup for me because I can still be at home for some parts of the year,” Lisita explained. “My wife and I have another child on the way, so everything just seems to be going right at the moment. I am truly blessed with my family, and having another child is going to be another exciting part of our year. I love the time that I can spend with my family, and I still plan to train at Phuket Top Team and keep showing that we have the best team in all of Asia.”

Hard work and dedication has paid off for Lisita, who now stands in front of a new challenge and another chance to show all of Australia, and the world, that he is the best fighter competing out of the featherweight division, and that there is nobody in the world that is going to tell him otherwise.

Rob would like to thank God, his family, Phuket Top Team, Southern Cross Boxing, Australian Top Team, Phuket Pro Nutrition, Calorie Restaurant, Viscous Cirlce Ground Skillz and everybody that makes up Team Ruthless. Follow Lisita on Twitter: @robertlisita