In the case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a potion turned a good man into an evil creature. In the case of Sarah “Too Sweet” Alpar, stepping into a cage turns a sweet and respectful young woman into a motivated warrior with a hankering to rip her opponent’s arm off.

The flyweight fighter is about to graduate from college having put herself through school while working full-time with underprivileged kids and training in MMA. No stranger to hard work, she is known in the MMA world as a fierce foe in the cage, but a friendly and fun person outside. Exhibit A: Alpar just defeated Jocelyn Lybarger in a hard-fought, three-round war. What does she have to say about it?

“When I took that fight with her, I had no idea of the status of her gym and training partners or who she was until the night of the fight,” Alpar admitted in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I try to see every fight as this is the best opponent I will ever face and focus on improving myself. It was a good fight. She is awesome, and I would love to follow to the next progression and train with them if given the chance.”

That is why Alpar’s feud with Tonya Evinger seems rather odd. Evinger has called Alpar a “joke” and insinuated that Alpar needed to take Evinger on to prove her ranking.

“To take a fight against her with three weeks’ notice, well, I might regret that,” Alpar said. “Earlier in my career I took the fight against Heather Clark on two weeks’ notice and cut 20 pounds in that time and lost. I know I could’ve done better.

“[Evinger] called me names, but I don’t think it’s personal. I just want to show respect. She is where she is for a reason. At first, I was honored that she would call me out. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I am just starting out and she has been in the game for a while. I don’t even really know how the rankings work.”

No one is perfect. Even “Too Sweet” Alpar makes mistakes. When her originally scheduled opponent, Jordan Nicole Gaza, went missing, Alpar was outspoken about it.

“I posted on Facebook that Jordan was missing and that it looked like the fight was off. It turned out that it was a simple miscommunication between the promoter and her old manager and her new manager. I have apologized to her like a dozen times and offer much respect to her,” she revealed.

You can tell a lot about a person’s character from how they act after they make a mistake.

“After the Evinger/Gaza thing, I decided to get on Twitter and put myself out there,” Alpar explained. “The media plays a big role in building fights and fighters. I know some people are into the drama, but I feel like if I were to get involved in that and put myself out there as a smack-talker, I wouldn’t be a good role model or represent my town well. Am I perfect? No, I’m 22 years old. But I try to keep my head up and not fight with my words, but let my skills speak for themselves.”

The next opportunity for the 4-2 fighter to show off her skills is against striker Delaney Owen at Sugar Creek Showdown 21 on Jan. 25 in Oklahoma.

Dr. Jekyll was not only known for being well-intentioned, but smart. He was, after all, able to come up with a potion that was able to transform a person into a monster. Look for Alpar to use her intelligence as well as her animal instincts in her upcoming bout.

“I plan on being patient and to focus on the basics,” Alpar said. “No matter how much I practice, the first round is always like, ‘Who am I?’ I am going to settle down and focus on my game. Take risks, but be smart about it. If I resort to my background to win, so be it.”

Wrestling happens to be Alpar’s background. She started competing in middle school, following in her older brother’s footsteps to an illustrious career in high school. She earned a scholarship to OKlahoma City University, but after her freshman year she decided to stay home in Amarillo, Texas. While working as a waitress and looking for what was next in her journey, she was introduced to MMA. Like so many former wrestlers before her, she was hooked.

“I love MMA,” she admitted. “I enjoy being a martial artist and love becoming a better person.

“It’s an exciting time; WMMA is exploding. I am in the right place. Since I am almost done with college, I am ready to focus on my fight career. I am ready to maximize my time in the gym. If I don’t take the chances now, I feel like it might pass me by. It’s time to go as far as I can. There may be rough days, tough days, but the people around me keep me going. Working with kids, I have a lot of people who look up to me. I have a job to fulfill—to be the best that I can and to push the pace while I can.”

If you ever get the chance to meet Alpar, be prepared for a humble, kind, fun and thoughtful person. But if your name is Delaney Owen, you’d better be prepared to meet a monster.

Sarah would like to thank Xtreme Martial Arts and Ty Garrett, all her fans, training partners, coaches, family, and friends. Follow Alpar on Twitter: @TOOSWEET_Alpar

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