There’s a video on YouTube called “Gutierrez speaks out after TUF weight-cut disaster.” What’s astonishing about the video isn’t so much what is being said by bantamweight Anthony Gutierrez, as much as the overwhelmingly negative reactions that are posted in the comments section. Some of the pure troll hate on the screen might have you laughing out loud.

The negativity surrounding Gutierrez and the reason for the apology video stem from the incident where he missed weight before the semifinals on The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate. Gutierrez’s inability to cut to 135 pounds sent Team Rousey teammate Davey Grant to the finals. What made the situation even worse was that Gutierrez had made it to the semis because Team Tate fighter Cody Bollinger had failed to make weight.

Gutierrez (top) (Keith Mills/Sherdog)

Gutierrez (top) (Keith Mills/Sherdog)

“No, I definitely don’t regret going on the show,” said Gutierrez in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner.

Many wouldn’t feel the same way after being humiliated on national television, but the Team Grindhouse fighter has had some time to put all things into perspective. The fact that, according to Gutierrez, he’s making almost three times in pay what he made before the show doesn’t hurt either.

“It was definitely a positive. There were definitely negatives that came from it, but you can always learn from your negatives, so it’s really all a big positive situation. Honestly, I’d probably do it again just ‘cause I’m a huge attention whore,” Gutierrez joked.

“The haters don’t really bother me,” he said. Since yet another season of the reality series has started, most of the hate mail has died down for Gutierrez. “I probably receive maybe three or four negative things on Twitter a week now, so pretty much nothing. And, you know, the majority of it is some goofball who’s overweight and doesn’t work out, and he’s just judging me from his couch. So there’s no way I could take it personal.”

Gutierrez, who had never had issues with making weight before his experience on the show, cited stresses of being away from home and outside his comfort level as possible reasons he didn’t have a good cut. After all, he had already made weight twice before on the show, but the third time he had to cut his usual 20 or so pounds, there weren’t the same results.

“The third time, when it came around, I didn’t switch anything up,” said Gutierrez. “I did exactly what I did the prior two times for making weight, it just…the third time failed.

“Again, these are all inexcusable excuses, but they are legit variables that made things harder for me.”

Gutierrez (Keith Mills/Sherdog)

Gutierrez (Keith Mills/Sherdog)

One might think with the way he exited the show and the way UFC President Dana White reacted to him missing weight, Gutierrez would be forever exiled from the promotion. However, this isn’t the case. Gutierrez still regularly talks to his teammates from TUF, as well as his coach, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby even contacted Gutierrez a couple months after the show to let him know that the UFC was still keeping an eye on him, and if he could string together three or four decisive wins, he could very well find himself in the Octagon.

“Right now I’m expecting to fight anywhere from three to six or seven more times [this year],” said Gutierrez. “There’s no timeline of anything for me. I’m really just trying to focus on getting better and growing. I’m still young—I’m 23. I’m planning on fighting until I’m at least 30, maybe even 35, so I’ve got a lot of time to learn and grow. I’m not even worried right now about the UFC.”

Gutierrez, with an undefeated record of 4-0, actually hasn’t fought professionally since 2011. On Feb. 28, he’ll face Charlie Dubray, at Titan Fighting Championship 27. Gutierrez not only feels physically ready to scrap, but also is going into the fight with a chip on his shoulder.

“I can’t wait to get back in there and remind people why I was HDNet’s No. 1 prospect in 2012,” said Gutierrez. “Remind people of why all my fights have been stopped in the first, and remind people why I got on the show.

“Everyone just wants to call me a fat ass, like that’s just who I am, but there’s really a lot more to it. Hey, you can say I suck at cutting weight, but I definitely don’t suck at fighting, and that’s what it’s about.

“I’m ready to get in there and shut people up.”

Anthony would like to thank Onnit, Poster Boy Clothing and GrindHouse MMA. Follow Gutierrez on Twitter: @Sharkbait816

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