Recognition can come at all levels. As rewarding as it may be to claim championship gold at the highest levels of mixed martial arts, it’s often the other milestones along the way that keep an athlete motivated. A small nod of approval can be the difference between a champion and an athlete who never realizes their full potential.

Asia’s Evolve MMA has grown into a true force in the Pacific region, housing the likes of Ben Askren and Shinya Aoki at its gym. However, there are plenty of other athletes plying their trade at the Evolve MMA facilities. The coaching staff at Evolve MMA shines a spotlight on one such athlete each month with its “Student of the Month” award.

For the month of February, the award went to Hsien Hwee. Hailing from Boys Town Home, Singapore’s home for orphans and troubled youth, Hwee has trained at Evolve MMA for four years. He has climbed to level-three status in Muay Thai.

The gym has honored Hwee with the distinction of “Student of the Month,” citing his integrity, self-improvement, humility and courage as values that define a real warrior.

The camp features its “Student of the Month” winner in a short profile video. February’s vignette on Hwee can be viewed above. Past “Student of the Month” videos are available for viewing on the Evolve MMA website.

Evolve MMA is based in Singapore and strives to aid in the development of athletes ranging from beginners up to professional fighters.

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