With two successful shows in Brazil to kick off 2014, the Xtreme Fighting Championships’ transition into the international market has been relatively smooth sailing up to this point. After kicking things off with tournament bouts in the lightweight and women’s flyweight divisions last month and keeping the momentum going strong with featherweight and welterweight tournaments at this past weekend’s XFC International 2 card, the promotion has been firing on all cylinders while breaking into new territory.

For a promotion still looking to break into the mainstream, it’s undoubtedly impressive to see the XFC attempting to carve out a niche in the international scene. Outside of the UFC, most MMA promotions tend to stay close to home. However, with other promotions like the World Series of Fighting also looking to break out and expand beyond the boundaries of the United States, the XFC’s willingness to take a chance and try to make a name for itself in a new market proves that the promotion is looking to be taken seriously as a high-caliber MMA organization.

International expansion is a daunting task for the majority of MMA promoters. There’s the uncertainty that comes with entering new territory, and there’s also the question of what new markets to explore. The XFC, however, was quick to identify an answer to that question.

“Brazil was an easy choice, you know,” said XFC International President Myron Molotky in an exclusive interview with Karol Ribeiro of The MMA Corner’s Brazilian partner, Olhar do fã no MMA. “The passion of MMA fans in Brazil—there’s no rival for Brazil as far as the passion of MMA fans. And also, just the talent that’s out here. We have so many fighters in Brazil that deserve an opportunity, and that’s what we’re going to provide.”

With the XFC’s recent deal with RedeTV! in Brazil to broadcast its events, the promotion is giving these fighters a huge opportunity to gain some notoriety in their home country. The main event of XFCi2 featured longtime Brazilian regional scene fighter Flavio “The Legendary” Alvaro in his debut for the promotion, and the veteran of over 55 fights picked up his 15th win in his last 16 fights when he edged Adson Lira via unanimous decision. At 36 years old, Alvaro is not likely to become the XFC’s featherweight champion of the future, but he’s a solid fighter who is definitely deserving of the added attention that comes from fighting for an organization like the XFC.

There are dozens of fighters like Alvaro that have been fighting on the regional circuit in South America for years now, giving the XFC a nearly limitless supply of fighters at its disposal as the promotion continues to push forward with its expansion south of the U.S. border. The list of fight-hungry countries in Latin and South America is growing seemingly by the week, and after using Brazil as a launching pad, Molotky and XFC plan on hitting many of those markets.

“We have many options in Latin America,” declared Molotky. “Argentina is going to be a great choice. Mexico. And I don’t think that there’s really a reason to not consider any location at this point, because there’s passionate fans everywhere and the sport is continuing to grow throughout Latin America. It’s driven by Brazil right now and we understand that, which is why the foundation is being built in Brazil.”

With two of a planned 10 events in Brazil over the next year under its belt, the XFC is slowly but surely attempting to grow into one of the premier MMA organizations in Latin and South America, and with the TV deal with RedeTV!, things are looking as promising as possible for an MMA company that’s been seen, to this point, as little more than a high-quality regional show in the United States.

It’s still going to take some time before the XFC can compete with the Bellators and WSOFs of the U.S. market. Yet, in the same way that the XFC is giving the regional Brazilian talent a major opportunity, RedeTV! is giving the XFC a chance to become one of the top promotions in Brazil. Although the effort is still in its infancy at this point, there’s no denying that the XFC has made some serious progress in the past few months in its growth as a MMA promotion. If things keep going well for the promotion in Brazil, there’s no telling how successful its new expansion plan can be moving into the future.

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