On March 22 at the Tuggeranong Basketball Stadium in Tuggeranong, ACT, Australia, Storm Damage held its fourth event. The card featured a one-night eliminator tournament to decide the promotion’s inaugural featherweight champion. The bracket consisted of Peter Cross, Steve Reeks, Richard Kemp-Hay and Luke Apps.

In the opening bracket of the tournament and the first fight of the night, Reeks met Kemp-Hay. The fight had some great back-and-forth action with Reeks administering some beautiful leg kicks to slow down the very aggressive Kemp-Hay. Kemp-Hay used his strength advantage to take the action into the clinch several times throughout the bout and pushed the pace for the full three rounds. Reeks got the nod in a split decision and would go on to fight in the main event for the featherweight title.

Later in the night, Cross was met by a fiery debutant in Apps, who opened the fight up swinging wildly. Cross was able to push the pace though and managed to take the back of Apps to eventually sink in his signature rear-naked choke in the first round.

Phoenix gym’s Amarbir Singh got his second professional win in a row in an entertaining clash with Dimitar Dimitrovski. The two exchanged hard lefts and rights on their feet and some fun scrambles ensued on the ground. Singh rocked Dimitrovski several times throughout the affair and eventually got the decision victory in one of the highlights of the night.

Canberra’s Rachel Head had an impressive debut against Orange’s Ginny Connors. Head opened the bout rushing Connors and unloading some telegraphed shots. Her height advantage helped as she continued to move forward and unload flurries of punches. The 45-year-old got the better of her more experienced opponent when she landed two unforgiving punches to the head in a row, with Connors retreating to her corner and the fight being waived off by the referee.

In an aggressive fast-paced contest, Dave Fowler squared off with Troy Toby. Fowler dragged Toby to the mat early, but a scramble ensued and the two were back to their feet. Toby unloaded with some knees to the head of Fowler, but Fowler kept pressing forward. The first round ended with Fowler taking Toby’s back and unloading ground-and-pound as Toby tried desperately to cover up. When the bell rang, Toby couldn’t get to his feet and struggled when his corner sat him on the stool. The doctor was called in to check on Toby and the fight was stopped.

In the main event of the evening, Cross, the much fresher fighter, started out quickly and aggressively, hitting Reeks flush several times before being able to get the action to the mat. Cross tried for a rear-naked choke, but Reeks was able to move his way out of the hold, and after some work on the ground, he was able to take the back of Cross and sunk in a deep rear-naked choke of his own. Cross held on, but ultimately he was forced to submit in the first round.

Full Results
Steve Reeks def. Richard Kemp-Hay via split decision. (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Kane Toby def. Jacob Hatton via split decision, (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Peter Cross def. Luke Apps via submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1,  1:37
Chris Goldrick def. Hayden Keenan via unanimous decision
Amarbir Singh def. Dimitar Dimitrovski via unanimous decision
Richard Moon def. Ofa Misa via unanimous decision
Rachel Head def. Ginny Connors via TKO (ref stoppage), Round 1, 2:30
Dave Fowler def. Troy Toby via TKO (doctor’s stoppage),  Round 1, 5:00
Chad Price def. Leo Diaz via TKO (unable to continue),  Round 2, 5:00
Steve Reeks def. Peter Cross via submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 2:05 for the Storm Damage featherweight title.

Storm Damage announced that its next card would take place on Aug. 30 and another one-night eliminator would be held, this time to decide the promotion’s lightweight champion.