One house, 16 fighters. It might not seem all that daunting, but each season, The Ultimate Fighter’s format takes a toll, both mentally and physically, on the fighters seeking to snag that six-figure contract. While TUF Nations is coming closer to a close, the third installment of the Brazilian version of the UFC’s landmark reality series continues to keep on rolling.

On the fourth episode of the show, coach Wanderlei Silva looked to continue his team’s success in the competition, while Chael Sonnen looked to take the control away from his heated rival. Silva selected the first middleweight fight of the season on last week’s episode, so it was only be natural for “The Axe Murderer” to select the first heavyweight bout of the season. Sonnen’s third heavyweight pick, Edgard Castaldelli, would get to fight Antonio Carlos Junior, the man known as “Shoe Face”, who served as the first heavyweight pick of Team Wanderlei.

Isabel Salgado and Hortência Marcari, the respective sports advisors for both teams, set up experiences to help their teams in different areas, with each experience relating to the sports backgrounds of each. Salgado helped stimulate Team Wanderlei’s peripheral vision with a volleyball activity, while Macari used a basketball workout to help Team Sonnen with strategic planning. Of course, both Sonnen and Silva praised their team advisor’s exercise of choice.

Meanwhile, members of Team Sonnen took the time to speak to each other about their opinion of their coach. A number of the teammates found their opinions of Sonnen changing when they got picked to join him, and they were proud to represent his team. Just the same, however, they also admitted that Silva was their countryman, so they would cheer Silva on when the cage door closes on both men come May 31.

Heavyweight Fight: Antonio Carlos Junior (Team Wanderlei) vs. Edgard Castaldelli (Team Sonnen)

This fight didn’t last very long. Junior only needed about five seconds to drop Castaldelli and secure his back long enough to finish with serious ground and pound. The assault prompted the referee stoppage only 12 seconds into the bout. Team Wanderlei celebrated a second victory, keeping the power in Silva’s hands.

Antonio Carlos Junior def. Edgard Castadelli by TKO (punches). Round 1, 0:12

Despite the loss, Team Sonnen received one more chance to take control of the competition. To get that chance, they needed to win a game of mud soccer, where the first man to move the large soccer ball into the goal would win. Marcos Rogério represented Team Sonnen, while Jollyson Francisco represented Team Wanderlei. Both men competed whole-heartedly, but ultimately, Francisco scored the game-point and kept the control in the hands of his team.

Will Team Wanderlei’s success continue next week?

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