If there were a MMA bucket list, some of the items on there would be pretty obvious: attend a live UFC event, watch the awesomeness that is Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s slam that made Ricardo Arona go night-nights, the Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar TUF finale—you know, stuff like that.

Another one that should be up there is engaging in a conversation with UFC middleweight Michael Bisping. Granted, this task is a little harder than going on YouTube, but the effort will be well worth it. After Bisping’s career is long over, for whatever accomplishments the Brit has achieved and will achieve, one of his accolades will always be his amazing outspokenness.

Bisping (Aline Bak/The MMA Corner)

Bisping (Aline Bak/The MMA Corner)

To put it simply, the dude can talk some serious smack. To hear him via the internet or television is one thing, but to actually hear him in person is something else. The man can come up with responses quicker than he pumps a jab, and somehow he manages to take whatever the subject is and relate it to how much his opponent sucks. In this instance, that opponent is Tim Kennedy.

During this particular conversation, Bisping was out for a stroll in the park with his kids and dog.

“Sorry about that. We had a slight dog issue. One dog’s chasing after my dog,” said Bisping. “Some dog off the leash was about to get his head chewed off by my dog. My dog’s big, a German Shepherd. This thing looked like a little snack. That’s how Tim Kennedy’s looking to me as well. Tim Kennedy’s looking like a little snack, and I’ve been pretty hungry.”

Writing cannot really do the man justice. But really, anything could have been happening and Bisping would have come up with some reason why he hates Tim Kennedy. Imagine if the conversation had happened while Bisping was painting his house. He’d probably suggest that Kennedy is as boring as watching paint dry. Can’t you just hear it in his English accent?

Still, at the end of the day, this is a fight, and all this talk means nothing if Bisping doesn’t win. Mr. Bisping’s tongue certainly hasn’t lost a step, but when he meets Kennedy on April 16, it will be almost a year since Bisping last set foot inside the Octagon. The Brit suffered from a detached retina in September while training for a bout against Mark Munoz.

“Physically, mentally, I’m feeling 100 percent,” Bisping told The MMA Corner. “I’ve been in the UFC now for nine years, and this is what I love to do. This is how I pay my bills. I’ve been out now for a little while with the eye, but everything’s good, and it feels good to be back. I can’t wait to get in there and do what I do best.”

Bisping went on to explain that even with the long layoff, he believes he can go five rounds if necessary. His weight is right on schedule for the 185-pound bout, too. For this camp, however, there were some major adjustments that he made, mainly with sparring.

“Obviously, I’ve learned some lessons,” Bisping admitted. “So, when I spar now, I always wear my headgear. When we spar with the little gloves—with the MMA sparring gloves—we just kind of tone it down a bit.”

Bisping confessed that he thought sparring without taking the proper precautions is what led to the eye injury that has kept him away from competition for almost a year.

“In the past, the sparring used to get a little bit out of control, and people used to get injured,” Bisping revealed. “You learn some lessons the hard way, unfortunately.”

Another thing he has had to learn the hard way is to take advantage of opportunities. The Englishman, for all his accomplishments, has come up short when it means the most. He has lost three title eliminator bouts, against Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort.

“I think when I beat Tim Kennedy that puts me right in line for a title show, because who else is there?” said Bisping. “I’ve been a perennial contender for the last five years. I want the winner of [Chris] Weidman and [Lyoto] Machida.”

Bisping (James Law/Heavy MMA)

Bisping (James Law/Heavy MMA)

Although Bisping foresees a title shot in his future, it’s obvious he’s going to enjoy hitting his opponent more than usual. Kennedy has riled Bisping to a level MMA fans haven’t seen in quite a long time.

“I mean, the level of competition I’ve faced—Tim Kennedy’s probably at the bottom of the pecking order,” said Bisping. “I watch the interviews with him, and he has this little arrogant feeling of self-worth, and I just don’t understand where it comes from. He hasn’t beaten anybody decent. He hasn’t been around long enough. He’s only been around two minutes.”

“He’s just a dork,” continued Bisping. “He’s just a wannabe. He tries to make these videos that aren’t funny. He’s an embarrassment to himself, the Armed Forces and to the UFC.”

Is this rant real? Is there really that much hate towards Kennedy? The fact that Bisping continued to get angrier the more he mentioned his opponent’s name serves as a good indicator.

“The sooner I can get up to Canada, kick his ass and never have to be linked to that guy again, that makes me a happy man,” said a fired-up Bisping. “I’m sick of being lumped in the same sentence as Tim Kennedy. I really am. I detest the guy. I don’t like him. The sooner I kick the fucking living shit out of him and I can be done with it, I’ll be a happy man.”

In terms of predictions, you can probably guess what Bisping thinks the outcome will be.

“I’m going to stop him, make no mistake. This is what I’m going to do: I’m going to beat the shit out of him for a good few minutes, for a good few rounds, and then I’m going to leave him on the floor in a pile of his own piss and blood when the referee drags me off him. Then, I’ll never mention Tim Kennedy’s name ever again.”

It’s good to have Michael Bisping back, indeed.

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Zach Miller
Staff Writer

Zach is a Boston native and has had a fascination with martial arts since playing Mortal Kombat at five years old. He was introduced to MMA after watching The Ultimate Fighter 5: Team Pulver vs. Team Penn. A recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Zach seeks to one day become a full-time MMA journalist. In addition to watching the sport, he has also trained in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and tae kwon do. Zach has also written for NortheastMMA.

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  • Anthony Busko

    I sincerely hope that Tim just plain embarrasses Bisbing. The guy could really stand to be knocked down a peg or two and given a dose of reality. It should be a really good fight for sure, Tim’s cardio is off the charts, and is dangerous in any position. Bisbing has his moments, usually when backing up, but I really don’t think he has what it takes to put Tim away.

  • Michael Martinez

    Fuck him. You don’t make a comment about a Special Forces operator service. Tim is going to kick this punk’s ass. Army Strong.

    • Muff_Dive

      Never go full HOOAH

  • JC818

    Sorry, but Bisping doesn’t get to speak for the U.S. Armed Forces because he isn’t from here. Oh and I fucked his dumb cunt koala of a wife.

  • Mike

    I hope Kennedy humiliates Bisping. You’re talking about a Green Beret, who has honorably fought and been wounded in combat. I really hopes he re-detaches this guy’s retina.

  • Okbrawler

    Is anyone ever gonna take one for the team and knock that smug piece of shit bisping off the face of the earth?! I mean fuck.. I’ll run him over a couple good times.

  • Jensen

    Tim Kennedy is an American Hero who puts his life on the line in combat so that WANKER can fight in the U.S.A. F you Micheal Bisbing. You ungrateful POS. From another American Hero…

    • Jensen


      • TheSaintOMS


  • Jayne Cobb

    I hope Tim punches him in the face 1,776 times.

    • Chris Chochon


  • Balls Deep

    I hope Tim fist fucks him with an M302 up the…arse.

  • Danny

    Just because he’s in the armed forces doesn’t make him a ‘Hero’ that’s just ridiculous.
    More often than not you’re not fighting for ‘Liberty’ or ‘Freedom’ you’re fighting to take ‘Liberty’ and ‘Freedom’ away from others!

    • dick fitzwell in danny’s mom

      Danny shut the fuck up you ungrateful fucktard. i hope one of my brothers in arms finds you and fucks you in your twat waffle

      • Shiftee

        ^ My name is God and I endorse this message

    • Shiftee

      Depends on your perspective. Do you mean Batman/Superman hero? Or do you mean the enlisted after his country was attacked, earned a long tab and served honorably while you sat at home secreting vaginal fluids into your moms couch kind of hero?
      More often than not? Name one time in American history that our troops have fought to take ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ away from others? Go ahead, change your tampon… I’ll wait.

  • dave

    hahaha all you army fanboys need to chill the fuck out…… Bisping will smash your brady bunch wannabe, “American hero”

  • PJ

    What’s wrong with him talking trash about your so called “American Hero”? He was in the forces, so what. They don’t like each other so he’s gonna talk smack about Tim. You yanks need to chill the fuck out… #WARBISPING

    • Brendan Smith

      Bisping can talk all he wants. Fact is, Kennedy was in the 7th Special Forces group, was a sniper, sniper instructor, awarded the Bronze Star with Valor device and served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Embarrassment to the Armed Forces? Not according to this Vet. I’ve met a lot of great Brit Soldiers in my day, Bisping doesn’t hold a candle to any of them. All mouth, no trousers.

  • Fx Bisbing

    I’ve met Tim and he was down to earth and curtious to everyone. Piss-bing has been a dick since he first came to the UFC or to see if he could make it. FUUUCKKKk him…. N I know Tim will stomp a mud hole into his ass!!!

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