Welcome to The MMA Corner Reviews, where we at The MMA Corner take a look at a product with the potential to benefit, or be a detriment, to your lifestyle.

In this edition, yours truly, Justin Fuller, examines Extra Strength Battle Balm, the self-proclaimed “pain reliever with knockout power.” Well, we put Battle Balm to the test in a real-life MMA gym and heard testimonials from actual fighters and trainers. Battle Balm actually makes three different variants, each with a different level of potency. While you might think “Extra Strength” would be the toughest, you’d be wrong, as there is also “Demon Strength,” which we’ll hopefully get the chance to test drive later on down the road and see how it compares.

This product comes in two sizes—0.5 ounce cans, for balm on the go, and the “larger” 2 ounce full size cans, which are still small enough to fit in your pocket. Prices start at $10.95 for the small cans and $23.95 for the larger cans. This might seem like a lot to pay, but if it holds up to the test it could end up saving you money down the road with reduced potential for injury and quicker recovery time to get you back in the gym. Also, like anything with a price tag associated with it, you can always find a better price for the exact same product if you take time to shop around. In fact, at this time, Battle Balm has these same products on sale for $3 to $4 dollars off MSRP.

So, did Battle Balm live up to the hype and earn a Gold Medal Review, or did it fail to deliver and get labeled a tomato can? To find out, you’ll have to watch the video above. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section, and remember to keep living The MMA Corner Lifestyle.