Winning and losing. They are the absolutes when it comes to sport. At the end of the day, nothing else really matters. When it comes to mixed martial arts, it’s no different. Fighters fight. They win. They lose. And depending on which of those columns they fall into, there are different paths that their career as a professional fighter can take. A win leads a fighter to have their name uttered by people all around the world, and they become a sought-after commodity. A loss? That means they are often forgotten. The day-to-day tasks required to maximize a career with a short shelf life becomes a chore.

That’s the life of a fighter. And that’s where Ben Alloway was right after losing twice on the sport’s biggest stage.

Alloway (R) delivers a kick (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

Alloway (R) delivers a kick (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

His recent win over Jack Mason has put him back to where he wants to be mentally, which is vital if he wishes to put back-to-back wins on his record for the first time in over two years. With the opportunity to take another step towards the Cage Warriors welterweight title on June 7 in London at Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 69, Alloway is eager to just fight and forget the rest.

“It made me just wanna worry about fighting and not all the crap that goes with it,” Alloway admitted to The MMA Corner. “Getting the win definitely made me see that I still want to do this. It may not have been the prettiest of fights, but beating a guy that was in line for the title without doing much in the way of sparring was a pretty good feeling and really gave me the motivation to give it all another crack.”

Even with his Cage Warriors return approaching, Alloway was working excruciatingly long days in the mines of Western Australia. The hard work, along with a very limited amount of training partners, meant that the preparation for his fight was, to a degree, a little rushed. With his regular training schedule back in place for his June 7 bout, Alloway’s energy has been renewed.

“I’m still working in the mines. We are just between contracts at the moment,” Alloway explained. “I just do what I’ve gotta do, really. It’s been good for this fight not having to work as much. I’ve really been able to get some good sparring and training in, and I think that it’s going to show in London. I guess I’ve gotta keep on winning so that I can show the missus that this fighting thing is worth it [laughs]. I’ll just keep at it, and when the mining work comes along again, I’ll fly back out there and do what I need to do.”

Prior to his Cage Warriors return, Alloway had suffered back-to-back losses in the UFC. Those defeats were devastating for the Australian. With the prospect of dropping three fights in a row in the back of his mind, there was always that little bit of added pressure for him in his bout against Mason. Now, that’s out of the way and the focus can be turned to putting on a show for the fans.

“I’m feeling a lot better and a lot happier going into this fight. My coach says that I am looking good, and I’m looking forward to being able to fight again,” Alloway said. “My return to Cage Warriors is out of the way, so it’s not like there is any added pressure going into the fight. I just have to show up and fight. That’s it. It sounds simple, but that’s all there is to it, really.”

Alloway (Scott Clark/Sherdog)

Alloway (Scott Clark/Sherdog)

After losing twice at the hands of grapplers and then drawing Mason in his promotional debut, Alloway was beginning to get understandably frustrated with his inability to fight to his strengths. This time, though, his opponent is a striker. That man is Mohsen Bahari, and Alloway is anticipating his upcoming fight even more. He will finally have the opportunity to show what he can really do on the world stage.

“I’m looking forward to finally fighting a guy that’s gonna want to keep it standing,” he said. “My past eight opponents have all wanted to go for the takedown and keep it on the ground. It is what it is. That’s part of what the sport is about, and I get that. It’s just going to be good to finally have someone who will stand with me and not try to take things to the mat as soon as I land a punch or kick to the face. I think that if he keeps it standing, we will be able to put on an exciting fight.

“I kinda thought that a win over Mason would have put me in line for a title shot. It didn’t happen that way, but if I can go out there and knock Mohsen out, you can be sure that I will be putting my hand up for a shot at the title.”

It has taken a lot for Alloway to find his way again. Even for the most seasoned competitors, a loss hurts, and rightfully so. With his mind firmly set on what needs to take place inside the cage on June 7, Alloway is ready to show that fighting comes first. The branding of a fighter? That can wait. Winning takes priority.

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