There was a time when a generation of families, mainly kids, would eagerly anticipate Monday nights. With mom or dad placed on the couch, kids would sit wide-eyed in front of the television as the images flashed. It wouldn’t be uncommon for the parents to leave after a short while, leaving their children gazing at the television. The light glistening in their eyes. Grown men would be inside a ring beating each other up. The storylines would have them wanting more, week in and week out.

It was a simpler time, when the good guys and bad guys were clearly defined. It was a time when watching heroes do the seemingly impossible would send a shiver down a spine or cause a heart to race.

Oh, to be young again.

Whether it was watching “Macho Man” Randy Savage flying high from the top rope, seeing The Undertaker rise from the dead way too many times, watching The Rock captivate millions or admiring the heart of John Cena, a lot of mixed martial artists and fans have memories of professional wrestling. Most grow out of it and, when they do, they will often transition into an array of true combat sports. And that’s exactly what happened to Regis Muyambo.

“Growing up, I was a huge pro-wrestling fan,” Muyambo admitted to The MMA Corner. “I loved the storylines and the big slams. After finding out that it was fake, I was quite disappointed. However, I heard of the UFC and watched an event with a friend. I was hooked and had to try it out. The rest, as they say, is history. I like to think of myself as a hybrid fighter. I don’t have a discipline I come from. When I started, I learned MMA.”

Muyambo (top) (Ruby Wolff/EFC AFRICA)

Muyambo (top) (Ruby Wolff/EFC AFRICA)

The sport of mixed martial arts is starting to gain a lot of ground all over Africa, especially with the UFC eyeing a possible event in the region. Fans throughout the region, and especially in South Africa, love their hometown fighters. It is truly a dream come true for fighters like Muyambo to be able to put on a show for those fans and to possibly see other parts of the world in the future.

“MMA fans in South Africa really get behind their fighters,” Muyambo explained. “Win, lose or draw, they support us and want to help grow the sport in the region. My goal is to travel the world doing what I love, and I believe I can find this through MMA.”

In his next EFC Africa bout, Muyambo takes on Igeu Kabesa, whose brother Muyambo defeated in his last fight with a stoppage victory in the second round. With Muyambo and Kabesa sporting unblemished records, one of the men is going to leave Cape Town feeling defeat as a professional for the very first time. Does that add any extra pressure for Muyambo?

“Not at all,” Muyambo admitted. “I am confident in my skills and ability. My coaches and I have been putting in the hours to get me to the next level. When I step into that cage, I am going in to finish what I started with Igeu’s brother at EFC Africa 28. I say, bring it on.”

Although he is only two fights into his professional career, Muyambo knows exactly what another win will mean for him inside the EFC Africa cage.

“It means absolutely everything,” he exclaimed. “EFC Africa 30 is a chance for me to show the country and the world that I am a force to be reckoned with. It is a step closer to achieving my goals. Expect me to throw everything I have into the fight. I will be looking to finish the fight. Expect the best of me.”

On June 5, there will be no “coming off the top rope.” There will be no steel chairs or over the top antics. There will just be Muyambo and Kabesa inside the Hexagon. The years have certainly passed since Muyambo enjoyed the art of professional wrestling and the theatrics that would transpire on the television. However, it was a portion of his path towards the sport he now loves, and that is something he will never forget.

Regis would like to thank God for blessing him with this talent, his coaches for nurturing it and his family and friends for supporting it. He would also like to thank his sponsors, Sale and Apocalypse, as well as EFC Africa for enabling him to focus on what he does best. He adds, “It is an honor and a privilege to be able to live my dream.” Follow Muyambo on Twitter: @th3_ReeG

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