People watch mixed martial arts for a variety of reasons. Some watch to see an artform portrayed on the screen in front of them, seeing the very best athletes in their field squaring off to determine who is the better man. Some watch in awe, looking for any reason to become inspired to undertake the rigorous regimen of a professional fighter. And mostly, people watch because they want to be entertained. Evolve MMA’s Eddie Ng fights for those people.

In all of Ng’s professional victories, he has been able to finish the fight, and he has only once gone out of the first round. Fans love to see knockouts and submissions, and Ng is more than happy to provide them.

Ng (top) (Dean Marchand/Sherdog)

Ng (top) (Dean Marchand/Sherdog)

“That’s something that I want to try and maintain throughout all my fights,” Ng admitted to The MMA Corner. “I just think that a finish, whether it’s strikes or a submission, there is no way you can dispute that, unlike a fight that goes the distance where someone makes the decision for you. It’s something that I’m proud of, and all my future fights, it’s something I will aim for.

“All I wanna do is go out there and put on a good show and do everything that I’m supposed to do. In the sport of MMA, there’s gotta be one winner and one loser. At some point, every fighter is gonna lose, and that’s not really pressure that I enjoy. I just wanna go out there and put on a good show.”

In Ng’s last bout, he defeated Malaysia’s Peter Davis, who was entering the fight on the back of a loss. Davis was especially eager to get back to his winning ways in Ng’s new hometown of Singapore. However, it was not meant to be for Davis, who succumbed to a first-round submission at the hands of Ng.

“Every opponent has certain strengths and weaknesses and bring a certain skill set to the cage,” Ng explained. “He, in particular, had me a little bit worried purely because of his style in stand-up, and he is very unconventional. It was hard to train for because he would be so unpredictable. That was a good fight. It was good to get the victory, but it was worrying at first.”

There’s a tricky situation ahead for the lightweight fighter. Ng’s teammate, Shinya Aoki, currently holds the ONE FC lightweight title, and that means that a ONE FC title berth for Ng is seemingly out of the picture.

“Shinya is a friend of mine,” Ng explained. “I don’t really think I would fight a teammate, let alone a friend. In terms of the title, he’s maybe going to consider fighting at featherweight. If he fights at featherweight, that’s obviously gonna open up the doors for me to fight for the ONE FC title. For me, it’s not really about the title, I just wanna fight, stay active and stay fighting. I just wanna keep challenging myself with the best opponents. Not everyone has this opportunity to fight in front of 12,000 fans, so I am very grateful to be able to do that.”

Ng (top) (Dean Marchand/Sherdog)

Ng (top) (Dean Marchand/Sherdog)

Ng is now riding a five-fight winning streak and faces veteran Vincent Latoel on May 30 at ONE FC 16. Latoel has had over three times the amount of fights as Ng, and although his record is split down the line in terms of wins and losses, that fight experience is certainly not discounted by Ng.

“When people look at fighters and analyze fighters, the first thing that they look at is, how good is he? How is his striking skills? How good are his wrestling skills? How are his submission skills?” Ng explained. “I think that experience is overlooked, and it’s very important because there are certain things that happen in a fight that happen in a fight only and it’s impossible to replicate that in training. So, the fact that he’s had 30 fights means that he’s been in there 30 times, he’s seen all these little things and he’s been exposed to all these things that you would only see in a fight. I haven’t had half as many fights as he’s had, so there’s gonna be some things in the future that I’ve never seen before and I’ve never experienced, and that’s something that can affect your performance as a fighter.”

No matter how the fight on May 30 plays out, you can be sure that Ng is going to be out there giving it his all. His main goal when that cage door closes is to put on a show that fans will remember. Ng is humble in his success, and as long as he keeps competing with the best interests of the fans in his heart, there is no doubt that his success will continue.

Eddie would like to thank Evolve MMA. Follow Ng on Twitter: @Eddie_Magician