A fighter’s existence in MMA all centers on the primary focus of seizing the moment of a grand opportunity. Taking risks. Learning. Growing. Being fulfilled. What better an outlet for a competitor to acquire such advantages while chasing their goals?

In order to keep advancing in rank, a fighter must make the best of a situation. Featherweight contender Daniel “The Snake/Roupinol” Aguiar knows all about the high stakes that come with opportunity. A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt with a professional record of 10-3 which dates back to 2005, Aguiar possesses a mix of experience, skill, optimistic attitude and ambition that has served as the recipe to turn him into a dominant threat in the Resurrection Fighting Alliance.

Aguiar (Marshall Boyce/Sherdog)

Aguiar (Marshall Boyce/Sherdog)

Roupinol is no stranger to facing challenges. His consistency in competing in the grappling circuit and MMA goes to showcase his drive to one day become the best. His collection of submission victories in Japan, Brazil and the United States gained some noticeable publicity in the MMA world, and he eventually caught the attention of the world-renowned RFA fight promotion.

Aguiar signed with the organization and made his promotional debut at RFA 14. It didn’t seem like Aguiar was going to let this grand opportunity pass him by, and he was able to fully capitalize with a first-round submission victory over Tyler Toner.

“I feel really blessed to get the opportunity to fight here in the RFA,” Aguiar told The MMA Corner. “I feel this is a big step for me in being able to fight for the belt and one day fulfill my dream of fighting in the UFC in the near future.”

With a clear statement made in his first fight, Aguiar is on the right track to becoming a top contender in the 145-pound division. Another opportunity is on the horizon for the ambitious Brazilian, who will clash with Sam Toomer at RFA 15 Culver City, Calif., on June 6.

Fighting out of The Arena MMA team and sporting an unblemished record through seven fights, Toomer will be making his promotional debut against Aguiar. Always game for taking on any challenge, Toomer has no intention of slowing down in his winning ways as he hopes to make a name for himself at Aguiar’s expense. However, Toomer’s undefeated streak doesn’t seem to intimidate Roupinol, who plans on teaching his opponent a lesson in humility.

Aguiar (Phil Lambert/The MMA Corner)

Aguiar (Phil Lambert/The MMA Corner)

“I am very familiar with Sam because I used to train and teach him some jiu-jitsu when I was at Victory MMA,” Aguiar revealed. “He may be undefeated for now, but I hope he is ready for a learning experience in our fight that night.”

The training for this fight couldn’t be any better for Aguiar. The BJJ black belt is surrounded by a world-class team that helps him through the rigorous process of being ready for the fight against Toomer. It is a fight stable that features some of the best coaches and top MMA fighters under one roof. It is, of course, Black House.

Black House MMA has offered Aguiar major opportunities to grow his game under the guidance of coaches Rafael Cordeiro and Kenny Johnson. In addition to working with the coaching staff, Roupinol also has the great fortune of training alongside teammates Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva and Fabricio Werdum, among other prized veterans in the sport. He is sure to be receiving a wealth of knowledge, which can only improve his confidence as his fight approaches.

“I am very blessed to be able to train with some of the best in the world. Kenny Johnson is helping with my wrestling. Master Rafael Cordeiro, who I have been working with at Black House and King MMA, has been a great help with my preparation for the fight. I have put my total trust in him helping me become a better fighter,” Aguiar admitted.

Seemingly taking all the necessary steps in his rise to the top, Aguiar hopes to add another winning moment to his career on June 6. Neither Aguiar nor his opponent will tend to hold back in their efforts to come out on top.

Who plans on seizing this moment at RFA? Well, that is still a mystery. Nevertheless, there is one certainty: Aguiar will continue to march forward and seize opportunities as he seeks to turn a dream into a reality.

Daniel would like to thank his coaches, teammates, managers, family and friends for all their support. Follow Aguiar on Twitter: @ROUPINOL

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