The idea of not having to work for over a year may seem like a dream come true to most. The lazy days would just follow, one after the other. Boredom would likely settle in pretty quickly, the days begin to merge into weeks and the weeks into months. Soon enough, life seems wasted.

For a professional fighter, time away from competition can certainly be akin to time wasted. Although training constantly over a long period of time can be beneficial for a career, there truly is nothing that can compare to fight experience.

Ting (L) (Legend Fighting Championship)

Ting (L) (Legend Fighting Championship)

Ev Ting hasn’t been able to display his craft for almost a year. However, on June 14, he finally gets his chance. It’s going to be the reintroduction of Ting to a vast array of fans all around the world, most of whom are only just beginning their relationships with mixed martial arts.

“I haven’t fought in about 10 months, so to be honest I’m very, very excited to reintroduce myself to the whole Asian scene,” Ting explained to The MMA Corner. “My main goal is to go in there and perform and get the ‘W.’ I have kept active through kickboxing fights and grappling tournaments and things like that. As far as training goes, I haven’t had a break or anything like that. There’s no pressure or nerves for this fight at all.”

The bright lights of Asia’s biggest MMA event can be an overwhelming sight for any fighter making their debut with ONE FC. The ONE FC experience is not just an ordinary show. The build-up to a card has eager fans attending events days before the fight. It’s like a step back in time to when the UFC was first making waves in North America. Fans hardly get the chance to experience high-caliber shows in the region. When they do, they lap it up. Some fighters can succumb to the hype, but Ting, who has fought internationally many times before, views this as just another show.

“I’ve trained with quite a few ONE FC fighters, so I know what to expect,” Ting explained. “And I’m not new to competing on different promotions, and I feel really confident for this fight.”

When he fought for Legend FC, the bouts took place in a ring. Ting’s debut with ONE FC marks his return to a cage, which comes as a welcomed change for the New Zealand native.

“I haven’t fought in a cage for over a year,” Ting explained. “It definitely makes a difference for my style and my game, so I am very excited.”

Ting was given the opportunity to take some of his fight camp overseas for his ONE FC debut. The experience was certainly something that he would like to go through again at some point in his career.

“I did a little three-month camp in Malaysia,” Ting explained. “I got to train at a few different places. It was very different compared to Auckland, New Zealand, mainly because the scene is so new in Malaysia, and it’s exploding—everyone was getting a piece of it. It was really different lifestyle and culture-wise, as well. I was offered a contract to head back over for another six months, but I just missed home too much [laughs].”-

Ting (Legend Fighting Championship)

Ting (Legend Fighting Championship)

In his ONE FC debut, which comes at ONE FC 17: Era of Champions, Ting is faced with Jakarta native Yohan Mulia Legowo, who is also making his return to action after over three years of inactivity. Ting knows that the passionate fans of Indonesia are going to be on hand to cheer their hometown hero to a hard-fought victory. However, if Ting has his way, he isn’t going to let this fairy-tale return play out.

“I know that he’s going to have a lot of support,” Ting admitted. “But it’s not strange for me having to go and fight overseas. I’ve done it before, it’s nothing new. If anything, they are going to expect a home win, and I’m going there for the upset, so it’s nothing new for me at all. The local fans of Jakarta will expect an upset. For all the other fans, it’s all about reintroducing myself. I can offer nothing but my best inside that cage, and I can guarantee that it’s going to be exciting.”

After the extended time between fights, Ting finally gets his opportunity to once again showcase his skills. Ting has been waiting months for this opportunity. With the world watching, he is going to make the most of it. Ting isn’t leaving without a win. His debut with ONE FC is certainly not going to be wasted.

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