MMA fans are used to the old timers still giving the young bucks a run for their money. Randy Couture didn’t even start fighting professionally until he was 33, and Dan Henderson is still able to rearrange peoples’ faces at 43. MMA is certainly a young man’s sport, but kickboxing is an even younger man’s sport.

Someone like Romanian kickboxing star Daniel Ghita fighting for a world title at 33 isn’t unheard of, but there are certainly those now who have written him off; to pundits, 33 years old is the equivalent of his opponent, 25-year-old Rico Verhoeven, fighting a three-legged, deaf, dumb and blind dog.

On Saturday, June 21, Ghita will headline GLORY’s Last Man Standing pay-per-view event in Los Angeles. Although he may be fighting an opponent he has lost to previously, Ghita believes he can knock Verhoeven out, just like he has with 39 of his 50 wins.

“I’m very excited for Saturday. I’m top trained and now Rico has to prove it to the world, not me,” said Ghita to The MMA Corner. “Talking shit and insulting me is one thing, Saturday he has to prove it in the ring. I brought my oxygen bottles with me! Haha! He insulted me by being old, well old guys have experience. Watch the way he fought with Aerts, was low level, not as ‘big champion.’ Aerts is 40 years old! Let’s wait and see.”

Even though he might not be the young kid he once was fighting in Local Kombat, Ghita has still found that over the years he’s only improved. He improves simply because kickboxing is what he loves to do.

“I succeed because it is my passion,” said Ghita. “I dedicated all my life to this sport. the key of success is to believe in all what are you doing. All you do has to be with passion and you will see you will have success. Stand up, keep fighting.”

This dedication is partially due to a lack of satisfaction. There is always more to do in the gym. There are always skills to work on.

“I want to learn, improve more, and do all things perfect,” continued Ghita. “I always think there are parts I can learn new things, [and] do things better. I showed my kicks are just as dangerous as my hands. It’s important to me. I proved I can knock you down if I want in 35 seconds.”

Now injury-free, unlike GLORY 11 where Ghita had a leg injury, he predicts he will not suffer the same fate as last time when he lost the decision to his rival Verhoeven.

“This will be a totally different fight,” said Ghita. “Everybody has to watch this match! You will not regret it.”

If things go as planned for the “old dog,” he’ll not only get revenge on Verhoeven, but he’ll walk away with GLORY gold.

Daniel would like to thank his trainer Eric Warmerdam, Loredana and Robin, his team, his loyal fans. Also Pierre Andurand for all he does for the sport. Finally, GLORY for giving top fighters a chance to prove themselves. Follow him on Twitter: @DanielGhita1

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Zach Miller
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Zach is a Boston native and has had a fascination with martial arts since playing Mortal Kombat at five years old. He was introduced to MMA after watching The Ultimate Fighter 5: Team Pulver vs. Team Penn. A recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Zach seeks to one day become a full-time MMA journalist. In addition to watching the sport, he has also trained in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and tae kwon do. Zach has also written for NortheastMMA.