Fate is just one of those things.

When Tyron Woodley boarded his flight to Singapore to experience the world-class training that takes place at Singapore’s Evolve MMA, he never thought that he would be signing on for another fight.

As fate would have it, he was offered another chance to put his name back into the spotlight. It was set to be a teammate’s chance to cement his name as a contender, but now it’s Woodley’s chance at redemption.

The trip to Singapore was supposed to be a time for Woodley to reflect, and to experience training in a facility that has attracted many elite fighters from all around the world. A little under two weeks removed from his last outing, Woodley wasn’t thinking about his next outing. A fight was the last thing on his mind.

“[UFC President] Dana White called me today, and I’ll be replacing Hector Lombard in his fight against Dong Hyun Kim. So, I’ll be fighting in China—in Macau—August 23rd,” Woodley told The MMA Corner. “It probably makes sense for me to come back out here and do a camp that I feel confident with. Plus, they’ve got phenomenal facilities for me. I’ve never seen anything like it. So, it makes me comfortable.

“I’ll probably come back here and fly to China from Singapore. It made a lot of sense for me to come out here. As a wrestler, I’m always trying to evolve in my striking. Evolve is one of the best facilities in Asia, and if you wanna be the best, you’ve gotta surround yourself with the best, and that’s the reason that I’ve come out here.”

In his last foray in the famed Octagon, Woodley fell short against Rory MacDonald in a fight that saw him draw public criticism from the likes of Dana White about how he fares in big-time fights.

“The fact is that I know what I’m capable of, and a lot of people that follow me were like, ‘What happened?’” Woodley explained. “Some people were like, I ‘owe them money’ because they bet on me and that I ‘threw the fight.’ I think, overall, people know that I’m capable of more, and I didn’t show much of a fight. I can’t take anything away from Rory MacDonald or anything like that. He was focused. He was dialed in. He had an awesome performance. My hat goes off to him. All I can do is make those adjustments and move forward and take it all into my next big fight.”

Coming off a loss, a fighter will often look at their preparation to find out what exactly went wrong when their hand wasn’t raised at the end of the fight. It’s not uncommon for an injury to be blamed, or their head space to be questioned. In his loss, Woodley blames nobody but himself.

“I did everything right leading up to that fight, as far as camp, as far as mindset and as far as being prepared,” Woodley admitted. “It was just ones of those times, like when you have those bad dreams when you’re punching hard in your dream but in real life it’s soft and it’s not happening. It was just like a bad dream, you know? If I would have had that fight the day before or the day after, it would have been a completely different fight. I don’t think it was my best performance.”

Take it as a sign, or just take it as pure coincidence, but good things have happened for Woodley after traveling to Evolve MMA in Singapore. A chance at redemption comes his way now that he has landed yet another co-main event spot in the UFC.

Fate may steer things into a certain direction in our lives, but what happens from there is up to the individual. Woodley has his second chance, and he isn’t going to let it slip through his fingers again.

Tyron would like to thank American Top Team for all of their support throughout his career. He would also like to thank Evolve MMA for their hospitality in Singapore. Follow Woodley on Twitter: @TWooodley

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