Rob Lisita probably wasn’t supposed to be known as the only man to ever finish Japanese legend “Lion” Takeshi Inoue. Depending on who you ask, he probably wasn’t ever going to be able to finish Rodolfo Marques Diniz either. That’s the life of a fighter. People doubt you, they see two names on paper and they pass their judgment.

It’s the nature of the game. Some fighters take it to heart, but Lisita isn’t one of them.

Lisita (L) (Lee Li/Sherdog)

Lisita (L) (Lee Li/Sherdog)

Just two months ago, on the back of a career-best win, Lisita made his ONE FC debut. It was a rematch against Yusuke Kawanago, the only man to defeat the Australian at featherweight. It lasted just 28 seconds before Lisita scored the knockout.

The victory secured Lisita a chance to meet Eric Kelly on July 11 in Taiwan at ONE FC 18 in a No. 1 contender’s fight to see who will get their shot at the ONE FC featherweight title.

Once again, Lisita finds himself in a position where he is told he isn’t going to win. Lisita plans on getting used to his headlining status, though, and it doesn’t change anything leading into what will once again be dubbed as the biggest fight of his career.

“It adds pressure, but right now I believe it’s my time,” Lisita told The MMA Corner. “I have faith in God and in myself. I’ll just go out there and do my best. Nothing is set until my fight with Eric Kelly is done, and trust me, it’s not a fight to be overlooked. It’s gonna be great. It’s my fight to win, and it’s my time to put it all on the line again.”

With just a single bout under the ONE FC banner to his name, Lisita has campaigned heavily to get his shot at featherweight champion Koji Oishi. A win over Kelly will certainly see his wish come true.

“My fight alone is worth the $9.95 on internet pay-per-view,” Lisita boasted. “My goal is to prove I’m the best featherweight. ONE FC can see this and have given me the privilege to headline the show. God willing, it’s the first of many main events for me.”

Known for his aggressive style, Lisita is riding a four-fight winning streak, with each of those contests ending before the third round. Lisita takes pride in his willingness to always pursue a highlight-reel finish, and he plans to add another impressive stoppage to the reel in his bout on Friday night.

“I’m not gonna dance around and waste time,” Lisita revealed. “I’m looking to scrap. I’ve seen he has heart. I’m gonna test his will. I’m gonna show his fans who the real fighter is. I live for this shit. MMA is my job, my hobby, my passion. Being the best fighter has been my dream since I was four years old. I train hard, my weight is good and my mind thinks, ‘Kill!’ The only thing that decides if I win or lose is God, and I pray he is with me.”

Lisita (top) (Lee Li/Sherdog)

Lisita (top) (Lee Li/Sherdog)

Through the “Phuket Dreaming” web series, people have been able to gather an insight into the life of Lisita as he trains and lives in Phuket, Thailand. His family is based in Australia, so fight camps take an extra toll on Lisita, who makes the ultimate sacrifice of being away from loved ones in his pursuit of a world title.

“It has been the best training environment to be in while in Asia,” he said. “God willing, ONE FC start giving out bonuses and I start making the money that can fund my family living in Thailand. Then, my life would be perfect.”

When looking at a potential opponent, Lisita knows exactly what it’s going to take to walk out of the cage as the winner. It’s not about fancy game plans or over-analyzing. Instead, it comes down to one very simple idea that he takes into every fight. Of late, it has worked wonders.

“I’m gonna put my fist on his chin,” Lisita exclaimed. “And then get my hand raised. It could go anywhere—it’s MMA—but I’ll be ready no matter how good shape he comes in. A win will prove I’m the better fighter and will show that the title is ready for me to take. This is the fight the fans want to see, and I’m gonna make sure that it’s mine to win.”

It’s the first time Lisita has been a marquee name at an event set to be telecast worldwide. Kelly represents the final hurdle for Lisita to overcome in his quest toward a world championship bid. It won’t be the last time that Lisita finds his name and face on a poster, and it won’t be the final time in his career that he proves people wrong.

Rob would like to thank Haleo, Muscle Bar, Unit 27, Phuket Top Team, Phuket Pro Nutrition, Vicious Circle and Pokerstars. He would also like to thank God and his family, who believe in him and support him so much. He adds, “I love them with all my heart.” Follow Lisita on Twitter: @robertlisita