In 2012, ONE FC’s Adrian Pang was the victim of a brutal assault that took place in a popular nightspot in Queensland. In the unprovoked attack, Pang suffered numerous injuries that saw him forced into an almost two-year layoff from competing professionally. Pang’s injuries as a result of the cowardly attack caused him to undergo maxillofacial surgery to repair extensive damage to his face and jaw.

While an investigation is currently ongoing with the Queensland Police Service, Pang’s attackers have still not been bought to justice. Court proceedings have started, however. After waiting months to have the case heard, it was learned yesterday that the court would be once again adjourned with the prosecution not advising Pang or his lawyers of a new date.

Pang told The MMA Corner, “I am fed up with waiting for justice to be served. This has cost me opportunities to fight, it impacted my business and it impacted my family.”

Above is a video interview that Pang did that aired on mainstream television in Australia. The interview details the assault and the frustrations of Pang who is still trying to bring his assailants to justice.