Every week, The MMA Corner takes a look at three regional, developmental or international cards from the upcoming weekend, previewing from each a single fight to which people should pay close attention. We will also list other significant bouts from the card, as well as information on how to follow each promotion and watch the events.

Let’s discover those prospects that fight in the obscurity of the regional, developmental and international circuits, waiting for their shot at the bright lights and big stage of the UFC, and those veterans looking for one more chance at stardom. It all begins here, in the small convention centers and high school gymnasiums. It all begins with promotions such as these…

Rebel Fighting Championship 2: Battle Royale

Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore
Event Date: Aug. 1
Website: rebelfightingchampionship.com
Twitter: @rebelfcmma

Spotlight Fight:
Miguel Torres (41-7) vs. Takahiro Ashida (13-2-2)

Rebel FC may not be the most high-profile MMA organization in Asia, but the promotion will look to change that with its ambitious featherweight “Battle Royale” tournament. The bracket features eight competitors, including a pair of UFC veterans and numerous current and former champions from other promotions. The quarterfinals of the tournament will take place at the promotion’s second offering, with the semifinals and finals planned for a future event. Among the four opening fights of the tournament, the standout is the pairing of former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres and Deep champ Takahiro Ashida.

Since losing his WEC title belt to Brian Bowles in 2009, Torres has traveled a rocky road. The 33-year-old wrapped up his WEC career by winning just one of two fights after the loss to Bowles. Then, he transitioned to the UFC, where he posted two wins in four fights. Following his second UFC release—his first release came between his third and fourth UFC bouts and was the result of an off-color joke Torres posted on Twitter—Torres moved on to the World Series of Fighting organization, where he dropped two more fights. His most recent outing, which stands as his only fight thus far in 2014, ended in a Torres victory, his first since 2011. The former champion is just 4-6 over his last 10 fights.

Whereas Torres has seen his career take a nosedive off a cliff, his opponent, Deep Japanese champion Takahiro Ashida, has built up an impressive resume since his 2010 debut and has just one loss in his last 12 fights. The 24-year-old is a striker who has scored seven of his victories by some form of knockout. The BRAVE product is on a four-fight winning streak, but his competition in that stretch hovers around or well below the .500 mark. In fact, most of his career features opponents with middling or sub-.500 records. The only notable name on his list of victims is Takashi Ito, who went the distance with Ashida.

Torres has really struggled since 2009, and a win is anything but a guarantee for him these days, regardless of who he’s facing. However, Ashida’s habit of feeding on low-level opposition is a big concern. The Japanese fighter is a knockout artist, but can he step up and perform well against a fighter who has experience at the highest levels of the sport? In this case, it’s doubtful. Torres may not survive the gauntlet that awaits him in this tournament, but the field isn’t exactly overflowing with tremendous prospects. Ashida stands as the biggest prospect in the group of eight, but Torres should be able to use his ground game to get the submission win and advance to the semifinals.

Other key bouts: Will Chope (19-7) vs. Mauricio dos Santos Jr. (10-8) in a featherweight tournament quarterfinal bout, Michael Tobin (8-0) vs. Pat Promrangka (6-4) in a featherweight tournament quarterfinal bout, Reydon Romero (7-4) vs. Yojiro Uchimura (11-7-3) in a featherweight tournament quarterfinal bout, Kris Barras (3-0) vs. Gyo Pyung Hwang (6-3)

MMA Super Heroes 5

Mane Garrincha Gymnasium Olympic Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Event Date: Aug. 2
Website: Facebook/MmaSuperHeroes
Twitter: @mmasuperheroes

Spotlight Fight:
Renata Baldan (3-0) vs. Aline Sattelmayer (6-5)

With the UFC diving into the strawweight division recently and gearing up to crown a 115-pound female champion via its The Ultimate Fighter reality series, Renata Baldan’s fight at MMA Super Heroes 5 could be an audition of sorts. The undefeated prospect is set to meet veteran competitor Aline Sattelmayer in a featured bout.

Baldan made her debut in March with two wins in a single night to claim top honors in the MMA Super Heroes strawweight tournament. The Chute Boxe and Puro Striker product returned in May to add another victory to her record. Nicknamed “Wand,” Baldan has delivered two TKO finishes in her young career. The 32-year-old tends to be a brawler and eats as many punches as she dishes out. Her victories look impressive at first glance, but the combined record of her three opponents now stands at 2-5.

The 23-year-old Sattelmayer’s record can be quite deceiving. She’s only one win above the .500 mark, but her losses have come against Kalindra Faria, Camila Lima, Livia Renata Souza (twice) and Herica Tiburcio. In other words, she has defeated all but the top tier of competition she has faced. Sattelmayer has seen the scorecards in more than half of her fights since debuting in 2012, and she has only one submission finish and one TKO stoppage.

Baldan’s approach to winning fights involves a high volume of winging punches. It’s not pretty, but it has been effective. Despite her wild, brawling style, Baldan does have a tendency to find her target with her right hand. The problem is that her opponent often gets in plenty of landed strikes as well. Baldan has emerged from fights as the winner, but her bloodied face would often suggest otherwise. Baldan tends to fight long, but she often whiffs on her punches when doing so. Her best asset may be her knees from the clinch, but she doesn’t always work hard enough to get into the clinch.

Sattelmayer leans heavily on her striking base as well, but she has a tighter striking style that’s more technical (read: less looping punches). Baldan’s forward-marching, all-out style could give her problems, but Sattelmayer has the benefit of a ton of experience against some of the sport’s top names. Baldan could definitely overwhelm Sattelmayer with strikes in a very Nick Diaz-esque fashion, but Baldan has yet to prove that she can step up and defeat tough competition. Sattelmayer will provide Baldan with a setback when she hands the undefeated prospect a decision loss.

Other key bouts: Leandro “Buscape” Silva (15-1-1) vs. Gilson Lomanto (9-3), Murilo Trevizan (2-0) vs. Ricardo Seixas (2-0), Mariana Leonardo dos Santos (3-1) vs. Daiane Firmino (2-1), Andressa Rocha (4-1) vs. Amanda Torres (4-1), Andre Pinheiro (5-0) vs. Henrique Souza (0-0)

Victory Fighting Championship 43

Ralston Arena in Ralston, Neb.
Event Date: Aug. 2
Website: victoryfighter.com
Twitter: @VictoryFighting

Spotlight Fight:
Josh Neer (35-13-1) vs. Travis Coyle (12-5)

Welterweight gold will be on the line when UFC veteran Josh Neer fights Travis Coyle in the headlining affair of the 43rd offering from the Nebraska-based Victory Fighting Championship organization.

With 49 fights in a career dating back more than 12 years, it’s difficult to believe that Neer is just 31 years old. “The Dentist” saw his most recent UFC tenure come to an end in 2013 after he posted three straight losses inside the Octagon. Overall, his recent UFC stint produced a 2-3 mark. The Cesar Gracie fighter wrestled in high school and college. He has 18 victories by some form of knockout and 13 via submission. The ground game has been his biggest weakness—he has been submitted five times. Neer’s biggest frustrations have come on the biggest stages. He has recorded nine of his 13 losses in the UFC, and he also suffered losses in Bellator and the IFL. Since his most recent UFC release, Neer has gone undefeated through two regional circuit bouts.

Pride and Pain’s Coyle debuted in 2008 and went 1-3 in his first four fights. He’s gone 11-2 since then, with his only losses coming against Ricky Musgrave and Marcus Davis. Coyle is a submission machine who has used his grappling abilities to finish 11 of his opponents. Coyle has been out of action for more than a year.

Coyle’s goal in fights is no secret. He wants to get his opponent to the mat and finish them, preferably with a choke. He doesn’t have the takedown skills to put Neer on the mat with any consistency. Neer will have to be very aware of his positioning and not leave his neck exposed for a guillotine choke. Neer has a history of submission losses, though, and one of his recent UFC losses was a 45-second submission defeat by way of guillotine choke.

Don’t expect Neer to leave his neck out there for the taking. He should be able to fend off Coyle’s takedown attempts and keep this contest standing. That’s where he holds a significant edge in terms of skills. The more experienced Neer will pick apart Coyle on the feet en route to a decision victory.

Other key bouts: Alonzo Martinez (35-16-1) vs. Will Shutt (20-22-1), Eric Daigle (3-0) vs. Matt Delanoit (24-12), Kassius Holdorf (3-0) vs. Jeremiah Deever (2-1)