Every Sunday, The MMA Corner will take a look back at the biggest news of the week. After a fight filled Saturday, we will be taking a look at the following stories:

Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez finally signed with the UFC. He is scheduled to square off with top lightweight Donald Cerrone at UFC 178. Was it the right move for Bellator to release Alvarez? How does he match up with Cerrone? And finally, how many wins is Alvarez away from a title shot?

On UFC Tonight this week, it was announced that Luke Rockhold and Lyoto Machida is being targeted for later this year. However, After Michael Bisping’s win on Saturday, the UFC seemed keen on making a Rockhold vs Bisping fight. Which fight would you rather see as a fan? Which fight would be a better move for Rockhold?

UFC 177 is next weekend. After a string of injuries and schedule changes, Danny Castillo and Tony Ferguson is now the co-main event. On paper, is this the worst co-main event in UFC pay-per-view history? Is the PPV worth the money? What could the UFC have done to prevent this from happening?

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