Deep down every MMA or pro wrestling fan wishes they could step into Joe Silva’s or Vince McMahon’s shoes. We will likely never get that chance, but here on The MMA Corner we can at least offer suggestions. After every UFC event and WWE pay-per-view we will tell you who the big winners from each event should face off with next. As Bellator continues to shift away from the Tournament format we will also play fantasy matchmaker for Viacom and Scott Coker’s promotion.

Here we go:

Mark Hunt vs. Andrei Arlovski

This might be the no-brainer of the weekend. Hunt and Arlovski are two of the most recognizable heavyweights the UFC has on their roster and both are coming off of huge victories. It is somewhat baffling that these two are as close to a title shot as they are at this stage in their careers. Hunt proved he could hang with the upper echelon of the division last year against Junior Dos Santos and Arlovski has proved the doubters of his chin wrong recently and is on a three fight winning streak. Most other top heavyweights are booked up with UFC on FOX 13 starting to look like a heavyweight showcase. Hunt wants to fight in Australia in November and if Arlovski would accept the fight that soon it could be a huge co-main event under Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold and rival this past Saturday as the most stacked Fight Pass card.

Myles Jury vs. Rafael dos Anjos

Myles Jury just continues to impress. Jury might not have won his season of The Ultimate Fighter, but he has been nothing short of stellar ever since. He said he was surprised how easy it was in his victory over Diego Sanchez and then he went back out and made it look easy against Takanori Gomi in Japan. dos Anjos is also coming off of the biggest win of his career when he scored a TKO victory over Benson Henderson last month. Both of these men need to continue to look impressive if they really want to make their mark in MMA’s most competitive division. In this bout Jury could take out another veteran on his way to the top or dos Anjos could continue to prove doubters wrong by taking out a top prospect. This fight could be a perfect co-main event for the Machida-Dollaway card in December.

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Thiago Alves

Akiyama called for a bout with Wanderlei Silva after his big victory over Amir Sadollah. That isn’t going to happen. Silva is currently in a huge mess with the Nevada State Athletic commission and actually just retired on Friday night. Akiyama shouldn’t be too disappointed though. There is an abundance of talent that you could match “Sexyyama” with next. A lot of people could look at the winner of the Patrick Cote-Stephen Thompson bout next weekend or even the winner between Gunnar Nelson and Rick Story. I picked a little bigger name for Akiyama. The Japanese superstar isn’t getting any younger and should only be placed in big marquee fights from here on out. Alves looked great in his return to the cage back in April, but an injury forced him out of a bout with Jordan Mein last month. A bout between these two welterweights would certainly be a huge draw when Alves is ready to fight again.

Miesha Tate vs. Bethe Correia

There aren’t many stars in the woman’s division that you can truly use to headline a card or build another prospect up. Miesha Tate is one of those women. Tate was a clear winner against Rin Nakai on Saturday, but she didn’t blow anyone’s socks off. But still, Tate is the most recognizable fighter in that division next to Ronda Rousey. A lot of people were starting to get on the Correia bandwagon for a title shot after her last victory, but some still say it is too soon. Let her get in there against Tate and prove herself. It is clear that she wants Rousey, but it would be an interesting dynamic and buildup to see the UFC match her up with Rousey’s arch nemesis. The UFC still needs a main event for their return to Austin, Texas and I think this fight could be the perfect opportunity to be the first women’s bout to headline a Fight Night card.

Melvin Manhoef vs. Alexander Shlemenko

Why not?

Manhoef has only appeared once for Bellator, but in that contest he absolutely obliterated a former title challenger in Doug Marshall. Shlemenko does have a title defense to get through first, but if Bellator wants to continue to build him up Manhoef is the biggest name middleweight they can put him in there with. Scott Coker gave a title shot to Joey Beltran so I could really see Manhoef getting a chance to enter into a slugfest with the Russian. Coker has said that he wanted to match-up Manhoef with Paul Daley, but Daley has made it clear that he has no interest in that bout.

Brock Lesnar vs. Sheamus

This might not be the most obvious matchup or even seem to make that much sense, but I feel like this is one of the only routes the WWE can go at this point. WWE is limited in where they can go to pull stars who will look like they are a legitimate threat to Lesnar. WWE could have pulled that off had they had Mark Henry defeat Rusev last night, but that didn’t happen. The Big Show is rumored as a challenger for Lesnar. That just doesn’t make sense. Lesnar has faced the big man numerous times and squashed him back in January. Sheamus is a former WWE champion and the current United States champion and was really the only fan favorite that was booked strongly last night. Sheamus has been somewhat been lost in the shuffle for sometime now, but I think a short feud with Lesnar could really build him back up until someone like a Daniel Bryan is ready to go. WWE has five weeks to build up to Hell in a Cell and Sheamus could drop the U.S. Title in a fluky loss to someone like Cesaro or Bray Wyatt, but then turn his sights on Lesnar. It is possible that they go with another match with Cena or throw Seth Rollins in there to make it a triple threat, but I think Cena teaming with Ambrose against Orton and Rollins could be something we see here soon. One last name that could make sense, but it won’t happen is Ryback. Say what you will about him, but the guy was over huge as a face two years ago. He is a former Paul Heyman guy and would look like a threat next to Lesnar. He has been off TV for a few weeks so a surprise return to attack the champion could get fans back chanting “Feed Me More”.

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