On Friday September 26, 2014 Titan FC heads to the Cedar Park Center in Cedar Park, TX for Titan FC 30. Over the past few years, Titan has grown into one of the most well-respected regional promotions in all of MMA and they are known for developing some of the best young talent in the sport.

Featherweight Julian Shore is heading into his Titan FC debut looking to turn some heads and make a name for himself.

“I feel good,” Shore told The MMA Corner. “I’ve been training hard and I got a good team. I’ve been looking forward to this fight; it’s been a little bit of a layoff since my last fight, but I’m feeling good and I’m feeling ready.”

It’s has been just over a year since Shore last competed. Between taking some time off and fights falling through Shore is ready to get back into the cage.

“I was supposed to fight a few months back, but the fight fell through and it wasn’t able to happen so now we are getting this fight,” Shore said. “I’ve just been training trying to stay in the gym.”

As a young, unknown and unsigned fighter consistently finding fights can be difficult at times but he is always ready to go.

“I would love to fight at least…at least three to four times a year,” Shore said. “As an unsigned fighter I’m able to just fight anywhere so it’s really a matter of getting the fights and being able to have organizations come and get me and come and have me fight for them. I’m ready, I’ll fight for whoever. I just like to fight.”

Luckily for Shore, he has surrounded himself with great people to help guide him through the difficulties of being a young fighter. His coaches focus on finding him the right fights with the fight organizations.

“Right now I pretty much let my coaches handle that,” Shore said about scheduling bouts. “I’m under Pete Spratt and Rodrigo Pinheiro and they’re both fighters still to this day that have fought for the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce and stuff like that. So I pretty much let my coaches handle that part of it.”

Working with experienced fighters and trainers like Spratt and Pinheiro has been a huge advantage for Shore this early in his career. With their knowledge and wisdom about all the various aspects of the fight game, Shore believes that his future is very bright.

“It’s been a blessing,” Shore said. “That’s the one thing that I have told everybody, me being this brand new fighter and having such great coaches like Pete Spratt and Rodrigo Pinheiro in a gym like that is just great; it’s unbelievable. I’ve gotten the most experience from all these guys and it’s made my game just that much better.”

The biggest thing he has taken away from them at this point in his career is the importance of training.

“I’ve been with them for three years now,” Shore said. “And the same thing that they both can agree on is train, train, train. It’s all about the training. We train way more than we fight.”

“It’s difficult to train every single day,” Shore continued. “Pretty much I’m training Monday through Saturday and I take Sundays off to let my body rest. If you don’t love it, it’s hard to go into the gym every day. It’s hard to go for a run every day. It’s hard to get punched in your face every day if you don’t love it.”

It’s not just a passion for the sport that motivates Shore. Shore had a tough life growing up without parents, and as the oldest he feels a duty to provide and set an example.

“What motivates me every day is my little brothers and sisters,” Shore said. “I’m the oldest of six and we actually have no mother and no father. I’m the oldest and I feel like it is my responsibility to make a life for all of us. When you’re the oldest of a whole bunch of youngsters like that and you don’t have a mom or a dad it’s almost like I don’t have a choice: I have to do good. I have to go and train, I have to go and win these fights. I don’t have a choice; this is all we got.”

That sense of purpose is what sets him apart from other young fighters. Regardless of where Shore’s career takes him, he has already won because of the example he is setting for his siblings and others who have overcome adversity at a young age.

“I love being a role model and a positive role model at that,” Shore said. “For people to look up to me and for people to see what I’m doing and to believe in me; that’s something that pushes me along and keeps me going.”

Julian would like to thank his team, his coaches Pete Spratt and Rodrigo Pinheiro, his girlfriend and his brothers and sisters.

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