Brandon Hasley is no stranger to the big stage; essentially, he has always been in the spotlight. Hasley began his athletic career as a wrestler and has wrestled for most of his life. In high school, his accomplishments earned him a spot on the Cal-State Bakersfield wrestling team. From there he was off to stardom, becoming the first All-American wrestler in the school’s history. “It is my background in wrestling that has led me to where I am, that has made me as successful as I am,” Hasley told Truth is, he is probably right, though his size, strength and speed don’t hurt. But it has long been thought that wrestling is the best base for mixed martial arts and Hasley’s a firm believer in that sentiment, stating, “I definitely think that wrestling is the best base for MMA. There are really three main bases for MMA: kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu and wrestling, and out of the three I think wrestling is what best prepares you for the transition to MMA. Plus the dedication that you have to have to wrestle for all those years, the constant training, the cutting weight, the mental preparation and all of the competition that you do it makes you better and it does give you an advantage when it comes to MMA.”

Hasley’s opponent, however, is no slouch. He is facing the defending champ, a man with over fifty victories in MMA, Alexander Schlemenko, as the main event of Bellator 126. Hasley knows that this won’t be an easy fight and he has trained for a war. More importantly, he knows what he needs to do to win this fight. “I am going to be the bigger stronger and more athletic fighter in this fight and I am going to have to use that to my advantage. I will be able to use that and my wrestling to dictate the pace of the fight and keep him guessing. If I do the things I trained for then I’ll have him guessing as to what I’m doing which will allow me to do the things I need to do to win.”

Hasley is very confident going into this fight and really, he has every reason to be. While he doesn’t have the experience that Schlemenko does, Hasley does have some accomplishments of his own in his short MMA career. In only his 2nd fight, Hasley defeated UFC veteran Shonie Carter and then went on to win the Bellator MMA Season 10 middleweight tournament, earning him this title shot. In addition, Hasley has a belief in himself that he will achieve greatness. Hasley believes that when his career is over he will be sitting among the greats in the sport. “I do believe that I can be the greatest pound for pound. That’s my goal that’s what I train for and that is what I work for in the gym every day. I want to be the champion, but that is just a stepping stone to my goals of being the best.”

Regardless of the outcome in this fight Brandon Hasley will be a household name in the world of MMA fans after this fight. Will he shock the world? Maybe. This is a fighter that you will want to keep your eye on.

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