We all know the saga that has been Eddie Alvarez’s life over the past couple years. He thought he got the opportunity of a lifetime, a UFC contract, an immediate title shot, money, etc. only to find out that Bellator MMA believed that they had matched the contract and the drama began. Alvarez was stuck in a long, drawn-out court battle with Bellator before deciding to sign a new contract and return to the promotion. Alvarez defeated Michael Chandler won back his title and was ultimately released by the organization. Finally, Alvarez could move forward with his career and that is exactly what he did; signing with the UFC and ultimately signing the bout agreement to be the co-main event at UFC 178 against Donald Cerrone.

There is no looking back for Alvarez. Always respectful of his time with his former promotion, he is focused on what’s ahead. “Let’s not talk about the past, let’s talk about the future,” Alvarez told The MMA Corner. “I might not be thinking about the past or anything like that. I am completely focused on the present and fighting for the UFC and fighting Donald Cerrone.”

Alvarez’s focus on his current war is understandable; the past will do little to help him in his UFC debut against one of the hottest fighters in the lightweight division in Cerrone. “I’ve beat every fighter I ever faced and Donald Cerrone will be no different.” Bold statement, but Alvarez knows that this is not going to be an easy fight. “Cerrone is a tough guy and he has looked good in his past few fights but I’m also a good fighter and I’m looking to showcase my skills and get the victory. I’ve trained hard for a long time and I’m always coming to fight, I am always looking to finish my fights and to be exciting for the fans. Cerrone also comes to fight and I do think that this is going to be an exciting fight, but I think it is a fight that I will win.”

Alvarez is correct when he says he an exciting fighter; he is arguably one of the most exciting fighters out there. Nobody will ever forget his battles with Chandler, they truly were classic and I expect that this fight will be one of the most exciting fights of the year. For Alvarez, however, Cerrone is nothing more than a stepping stone to what he really wants. “I want a title shot. That’s why I am here, I want to be the UFC champion.”

Of course Alvarez wants to be the champion, doesn’t every fighter? With a win over Cerrone, Alvarez will likely get his opportunity to do exactly that and while he will willingly fight anyone for the title, he does have a preference. Alvarez shared, “I have nothing against Pettis, I don’t have a history with Pettis, I think he is a great fighter and if he is the champion when I get my shot then it should an exciting fight, but I want to fight Melendez. I believe we have unfinished business there and that’s a fight that I want. If it’s for the title, great.”

Alvarez vs either Pettis or Melendez should be exciting, but first Alvarez has arguably his toughest challenge to date in Cerrone. Alvarez is certainly not looking past Cerrone and come fight night he will be prepared to give Cerrone a beat down and the fans the most exciting fight he can.

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  • Dick hertz

    It’s almost time . We will know tomorrow night if the real life Rocky story will inch closer to reality for alvarez. I for one am rooting for this kid.