That is the number of combined UFC fights Paul Bradley and Josh Neer have stashed in the archives over the years. Unfortunately for the two, only six of those bouts have resulted in a win. Even more unfortunate for Bradleyall six wins were Neer’s.

But the past is past and Bellator is the land of new opportunity. Or at least we’d like to believe.

And the land of new opportunity is hosting its seventh consecutive fight card. Not too shabby.

Bellator 129 will take place on Friday, October 17, at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The preliminary card can be seen at 7 pm here on the east coast on Spike.com. The main card will start at approximately 9 pm EST.

The MMA Corner’s Josh Davis (20-9) and Garrett Derr (19-10) are here to cash in their predictions for the main card.


Joe Vedepo vs. Davin Clark

Davis: Sometimes I look at cards and think to myself, “how in the heck did this fight make it to the main card?” That’s what’s going on here. No disrespect to either guy, but this is not a matchup that is going to bring in new fans. Clark hasn’t fought in over two years and Vedepo hasn’t fought well in the past several years. This fight could go either way, but I’m going with Clark because of the freshness he brings after a long delay.

Prediction: Clark by TKO, Round 2

Derr: Pick your poison. Flip a coin. That’s about as close of a matchup we’ll have when Vedepo and Clark go head-to-head on Friday night. Clark lacks the experience and hasn’t fought in over two years. Vedepo’s resume doesn’t exactly get a second glance as he’s been as consistent as Mike Goldberg’s NFL commentating debut. Two years is a long delay, but Clark will be fresh at the very least. Don’t look to get inspired watching this one.

Prediction: Clark by Decision


James Terry vs. Andre Santos

Davis: Terry is a solid fighter with well-rounded skills, but at the end of the day he will probably never be mentioned in the same breath as some of the sport’s elite. Santos, on the other hand, is your typical journeyman that really has never fought top-tier opponents. He has some decent victories, but nothing to write home about. Big picture, however, these two guys actually do match up well against each other. At the end of the fight, it will be Santos that gets another mid-level victory to pad his record.

Prediction: Santos by Submission, Round 1

Derr: Santos has a whole lot of experience and a plentiful amount of wins to compliment his journey. But when you begin to examine his caliber of opponent, you’ll find a whole lot of nothing. Terry will come out with guns blazing and look to test Santos early. Santos has been prone to the knockout but has shown significant signs of improvement. Santos needs to put Terry on his back and work towards what he does bestthe submission game. I think he finds his way.

Prediction: Santos by Submission, Round 2


Houston Alexander vs. Virgil Zwicker

Davis: Honestly, I love Alexander. He a great guy, solid interview and a good father. The problem is that none of that helps him inside the cage, and truth be told, that is where he needs the most help. Alexander will always be known for his comeback victory over Keith Jardine way back when people actually knew who Keith Jardine was. Since then, Alexander has done little to live up to the hype, and has suffered some vicious knockouts. While the fan in me always wants to see Alexander get a win, the realist in me knows that he is probably going to get worked.

Prediction: Zwicker by KO, Round 1

Derr: Come on guys, give Alexander a chance. He attracts an audience and swings for the hills every time outwhat more could you possibly want? But Alexander’s days are well behind him, but glimpses of his striking power still remain. The questions that remain revolving around “The Assassin” all circle back to his gas tank. There’s been a leak in that thing since 2010. Zwicker will push the stride and test Alexander’s chin and endurance. Zwicker stops Alexander in impressive fashion.

Prediction: Zwicker by KO, Round 1


Paul Bradley vs. Josh Neer

Davis: These guys are in Bellator with a fresh start, primed to make another run towards greatness. Friday night will be a start. This fight is all about styles. Bradley needs to get Neer to the ground, beat him up with some ground-and-pound, and work for a submission. Neer however wants to keep this fight on the feet and use his superior striking to get the victory. The problem for Bradley is that every fight starts on the feet. That’s where this fight will stay.

Prediction: Neer by TKO, Round 2

Derr: Somewhere along the way, Neer lost his zeal—that’s why he was released by the UFC. But he’s since found the edge that developed him into one of the fiercest welterweights in the world. Without a shadow of a doubt, Bradley will bid to take this one to the ground. If Bradley can score on his takedown attempts, he’ll have a successful night. It’s conspicuous that Neer will want to stand and exchange. Bradley is a difficult task to finish, but Neer will do enough to keep the scorching streak hot.

Prediction: Neer by Decision



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