On Saturday, October 25th the UFC will hold UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes II from the Maracanazinho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In the night’s main event Jose Aldo will defend his featherweight title for the seventh time. This time he will be facing a familiar foe in Chad Mendes. The two met in January of 2012 where Aldo scored a knockout victory with just one second left in the first round after one of the most infamous fence grabs in MMA history. Both men have been unbeaten since that night and seemingly on a collision course for this rematch. Aldo has only fought three times since that night with two decision victories and one TKO. Mendes has vastly improved his striking since that night and has scored four victories via striking stoppage in his five bouts since. Mendes has fought more times since the first meeting, but will be coming off of a longer layoff in this matchup as he has been on the sidelines since last December.

In the night’s co-main event Glover Teixeira and Phil Davis will look to get back on track in the light heavyweight division. Both men suffered losses in their most recent bouts and ironically those fights came on the same evening  at UFC 172. Teixiera suffered his first loss inside the octagon when he dropped a five round decision to light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones. Davis fell via unanimous decision to the returning Anthony Johnson in a fight that could have earned him a title shot had he been victorious. Both men will now look to avoid a losing streak. Davis will be stepping onto enemy turf, but he is no stranger to Brazil. The American defeated Lyoto Machida in the UFC’s last trip to Rio.

Also highlighting the main card is fan favorite, Fabio Maldonado, facing Hans Stringer, and fast rising lightweight, Carlos Diego Ferreira, faces Beneil Dariush. The main card kicks off on pay per view at 10 p.m. ET. The main card is preceded by four preliminary fights on Fox Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET and two fights on UFC Fight Pass at 7 p.m. ET.

Main Card Summary

Ferriera vs Dariush: 

Round 1: Both fighters enter the octagon looking relaxed (Dariush is singing to Michael Jackson!). As the fight begins, Dariush backs Ferriera up to the cage. Both fighters are very tentative. Dariush looks and carries himself like Mousasi, slow, steady, and sure. But he explodes with an emphatic body kick. Dariush is throwing a lot of kicks, eventually landing another authoritative blow to Ferriera’s front leg. Ferriera, frustrated by the kicks, flurries with punches and backs Dariush against the cage. The fighters struggle for position in the clinch. Dariush reverses and presses Ferriera against the cage before disengaging, The fighters return to center. After another lull in the action Ferriera charges forward. The action begins to pick up, with both fighters throwing more frequently toward the end of the round. Dariush secures a takedown. Ferriera tries a leg lock but can’t get it. Close round.

Round 2: Dariush takes Ferriera down again. But Ferriera’s able to get back up almost immediately. Dariush has him against the cage, trying to pull him down to the mat. The fighters exchange as Ferriera scrambles out of it, with Dariush getting the better of it. Ferriera seems to be the slower striker, telegraphing kicks. Dariush takes Ferriera down with a single in the center of the octagon. He winds up in Ferriera’s half guard. Both fighters remain conservative, launching their strikes in short bursts. Dariush stands and tries to ground and pound but gets pulled back into the guard of Ferriera. The round ends. It’s a sleeper of a fight. The crowd is restless.

Round 3: Ferriera comes out of his corner looking to push the pace. He flurries, landing a good right hook on the temple of Dariush. He continues to push forward, but Dariush is able to neutralize much of it. Dariush eventually secures a solid takedown, with Ferriera up against the cage. And to the chagrin of the crowd, Dariush ends up right back into Ferriera’s gueard. Dariush seems content to idle on top of his opponent, only throwing a few elbows when the crowd boos. Ferriera stands up, but Dariush retains control of his back. The round ends with Dariush having maintained control for most of the round.

Dariush is the winner by unanimous decision. 


Elkins vs Martins: 

Round 1: Elkins comes out strong, landing a few good punches and backing Martins up. Elkins takes Martins down against the cage but Martins is able to scramble to his feet. They head back to the center of the octagon. Elkins shoots and backs Martins up again, landing a heavy punch as they break from each other. Elkins is doing a good job of feinting takedowns in order to land punches. Elkins pushes Martins back against the cage with another takedown attempt. As they break from the clinch, Elkins again gives Martins a taste of leather. Back to the center. Martins lands a good knee, but Elkins continues to showcase his boxing accuracy. Punching out of the clinch is working for Elkins so far. Elkins is cut on his cheek, but he’s had a very dominant round.

Round 2: Elkin gets careless and catches a left from Martins. Elkins is still able, once again, to push Martins’s back against the fence, landing a few low-blow knees that the ref doesn’t see. They break and return to center. Martins isn’t letting his hands go, while Elkins remains active, backs Martins up again. He lands a good right hand as they break and then resumes his position. They break again, but this time it’s Martins who lands a good punch. Freshly motivated, Martins launches an effective combo against Elkins, landing a head kick. Elkins recovers though, and again has Martins against the cage. It’s a very rinse, wash, repeat strategy for Elkins, and it’s been effective so far.

Round 3: Elkins comes out strong again, but Martins is landing some strong knees that damage Elkins. Elkins is tenacious though and sticks to his former strategy of pressing Martins against the cage. Martins lands another knee, fighting a smarter fight than in the previous rounds. Martins barely has an answer for Elkins’s pressure now. The ref breaks the pair up, but here comes Elkins again, backing Martins up again. The ref, sensing the crowd’s frustration, again separates the fighters. But again it doesn’t last long. Elkins presses him against the cage. Martins can’t do anything to combat it.

Darren Elkins wins by split decision. 


Maldonado vs Stringer

Round 1: The fighters engage early. Stringer gets a takedown and works from Stringer’s half guard. Stringer keeps Maldonado on his back, landing a few sporadic elbows. Stringer takes mount, but only briefly. Maldonado scrambles and gets a half guard position again. Maldonado is able to stand up, but not for long. Stringer secures another takedown and winds up in Maldonado’s full guard where he remains for the rest of the round. Good round for Stringer.

Round 2: Stringer brushes Maldonado with a looping right to start the round. He backs him up against the cage in an attempt to neutralize Maldonado’s power. Maldonado comes out of it and lands a few stiff jabs. Maldonado starts to play headgames with Stringer, taunting him. But again Stringer’s able to get a takedown. Maldonado’s beginning to look frustrated. His game plan is being neutralized. Suddenly, Maldonado is able to scramble to the top position. The crowd roars. Maldonado is in Stringer’s guard and has him crunched against the cage. He starts working his ground and pound. Maldonado stands and plants his punches in between the arms of Stringer. Stringer doesn’t answer. He can”t defend himself. The ref stops the fight, and Anderson Silva himself meets Maldonado at the edge of the cage to congratulate the victor.

Maldonado wins by TKO. 


Teixeira vs Davis

Round 1: Davis opens defensively. Teixeira backs him up and Davis tries for a takedown but it fails. Davis circles the octagon, not wanting to exchange with Teixeira for the moment. Teixeira fires several punches but misses. Davis is using great footwork so far. Davis lands a front kick and then a right punch, but it doesn’t seem to bother Teixeira. Davis attempts another takedown. After a struggle, Davis is able to secure it. Teixeira gets to his feet after absorbing a few blows. Davis clings to his opponent, maintaining a dominant position, which will probably win him the round.

Round 2: Teixeira again chases Davis. Davis seems the more dynamic so far, with Teixeira relying mainly on his boxing. Teixeira whiffs a hook and Davis takes advantage of the miss, scoring a takedown. However, Teixeira reverses the position and gets back to his feet. Teixeira tries a standing guillotine, but Davis slips out and ends up on top of a grounded Teixeira. Teixeira gets back to his feet, but he’s struggling to find a response for Davis’s wrestling. Teixeira’s able to get back to his feet again, but he appears tired. During an exchange, Teixeira suffers an eye poke. He uses the penalty to rest. When the fight resumes, he chases Davis again. Davis is able to evade almost all of Teixeira’s strikes. Another round for Mr. Wonderful.

Round 3: Davis continues to implement his strategy. But Teixeira lands a heavy combination. Davis smothers Teixeira against the cage in return, but Teixeira is able to push away. Davis scores yet another takedown against Teixeira. He mounts and then takes Teixeira’s back. Davis delivers a few good knees to Teixeira’s ribs while they’re down. So far the round’s all Davis. Teixeira shows a lot of heart though, returning to his feet. Teixeira looks gassed. Davis secures another takedown as the fight comes to the last minute. Teixeira, unbelievably, stands up again, and Davis, believably, takes him down. Another Davis round.

Davis wins by unanimous decision. 


Aldo vs Mendes

Round 1: Chad is absolutely electric at the start of the round. He throws with Aldo and Aldo immediately launches a hard combo. Mendes hits Aldo with a hard hook which sends Aldo, momentarily, to the canvas. He doesn’t appear to be to hurt though. The striking so far seems almost even. The two test each other’s punching near the center of the octagon, standing right in front of each other. Mendes starts backing Aldo up, landing several good lefts, but then Aldo lands a good combination. The pace is quick until Mendes accidentally pokes Aldo in the eye. After the break, the two brawl. Aldo lands a good knee, but Mendes takes him down. Mendes gets back up but Aldo lands a tremendous punch that stuns Mendes. Mendes is almost out, but Aldo can’t finish him on the ground. They stand back up and Aldo lands a huge punch right after the bell.

Round 2: Mendes looks pretty steady, considering. He attempts a takedown. It doesn’t work. Mendes tries a knee on Aldo, but it ends up as a low blow on the cup of Aldo. Mendes starts to dance after the break, moving well in and out. Aldo lands a good leg kick, putting a smile on Mendes’s face. Mendes lands a solid body kick and then a jab that pushes Aldo back. Aldo begins to land regularly with his jab and then digs into Mendes’s body with a reeling blow. Mendes starts to slow down. Aldo half-lands a head kick. An amazing round, fairly even. It probably belongs to Aldo.

 Round 3: Mendes tries to sneak in a quick jab right after the glove touch, but it misses. Aldo suffers another eye poke, which again halts the fight. Mendes lands a flush left hook right after the break. But the body punishment of Aldo is adding up. Aldo catches Mendes with a left hook after a lull and begins to unload. The fighters again begin to brawl, with Aldo landing the better of the strikes. They stand at center again. Mendes lands a good jab, and then a killer uppercut that staggers Aldo. Aldo then lands a solid combination, which forces Mendes to go for the takedown. He secures it momentarily, but then Aldo stands back up. Mendes lands some thudding foot stomps with Aldo against the cage. The round ends.

Round 4: Both fighters are tired. This is an absolute war. Mendes comes out with some solid kicks that find their mark on Aldo’s legs and body. Mendes is back to dancing, perhaps energized by his success during the last round. Mendes lands several good combinations against Aldo. Aldo seems to be more weary than Mendes. Mendes starts to connect frequently. Mendes is dominant for the first half of the round. Aldo lands a cross but there’s not much zest on it. The two stand center again. Mendes is changing levels, going to the body and then the head. Aldo lands a good one-two and just misses with a huge kick. A clear round for Mendes.

Round 5: Jose’s face is beaten up. They exchange, both landing strong punches at the start of the round. Mendes lands a good body kick and then secures a double-leg takedown. Mendes is on top and both fighters use this as an opportunity to rest. Aldo stands back up and shoves Mendes away. Aldo lands another solid one-two and takes Mendes down against the cage. Mendes is quickly up to his feet though. They begin an exchange again. Mendes gets in another strong one-two. Aldo’s starting to get the better of the fight on the feet. Mendes tries again for the uppercut but it’s not there. The fighters flurry to end this extremely close round.

Jose Aldo wins by unanimous decision. 


Preliminary Card Summary

Martin vs. Camoes: First to break ground in the preliminaries was Tony Martin vs. Fabricio Camoes. Martin’s height advantage made Camoes hesitate in the first minute of the bout. Rushing in, Martin managed a strong takedown near the three minute mark and maintained top position. However, Camoes was able to mount some offensive from the bottom in the form of a kimura attempt. Martin responded though with a kimura of his own from the top position. Camoes tapped several times while struggling to break free of the submission, but ref Mario Yamasaki didn’t notice. Finally, Yamasaki caught sight of the tap at 4:16 of round one. Martin wins by submission.

Burns vs. Giagos: For the majority of the first round, Burns was able to keep Giagos’s back on the mat, keeping Giagos close to the cage. Burns then moved to Giagos’s back where he attempted a rear-naked. Burns then transitioned to an arm bar during a scramble and submitted Giagos with only three seconds left in the first round. Burns is the winner by arm bar.

Aldo Preparing for Mendes: Awaiting his rematch with Mendes, Aldo looks a little haggard. One wonders if the weight cut has taken its toll.

Arantes vs Fili:

Round 1: Both featherweights bring intensity to the octagon, exchanging thousand-yard stares before the fight begins. Fili throws a few kicks and and wrestles Arantes to the ground. Fili controls Arantes from the top and utilizes some good ground and pound. Arantes stands up and immediately takes Fili down, achieving a mount position near the fence. Arantes delivers a few nasty elbows from the top which cut Fili. Fili gets up, and now it’s Arantes who’s on his back near the fence. Fili attempts a guillotine, but it’s no good. The fighters come back, standing to the center of the octagon. Fili delivers a hard head kick that, though blocked, sends a shock through Arantes. Fili hits Arantes with a barrage of strikes but appears to tire.

Round 2: Arantes pursues a double-leg against the fence and eventually gets it. He winds up in the top position, with a half-mount over Fili, but Fili counters and reverses the position. Fili delivers a few good elbows from the top, causing Arantes to scramble. Arantes gets the top now and elbows Fili. Fili delivers an illegal upkick from the bottom, causing the fighters to be stood up. Fili then lands another takedown. But, once again, Arantes is able to reverse the position, ending up in Fili’s full guard. They scramble and stand, but not for long, as Fili secures yet another takedown. Fili is in Arantes’s guard so he stands. When Arantes tries to upkick, Fili jumps back into his half guard. Arantes is able to pull him into his full guard just as the round ends.

Round 3: Fili looks energized. He pushes Arantes against the fence, but Arantes is able to take him down. They scramble, with Arantes attempting a guillotine. Fili winds up in Arantes’s guard. The fighters catch their breath. Fili gets side control. The fighters scramble again, which results in Arantes finding the top position. The fighters scramble again and stand, both looking fatigued. Fili attempts a takedown, but it fails. Arantes has Fili up against the cage, attempting a single-leg. He gets it and is in Fili’s closed guard. Arantes pounds Fili with a few more elbows. Fili attempts an arm bar from the bottom but doesn’t get it. The fighters scramble and stand shortly, but Fili is able to get Arantes back to the ground, and delivers a few wild strikes from the top in the final seconds.

Decision: It’s unanimous. Andre Fili is the winner. 


Jorgensen vs Reis: 

Round 1: Both fighters look loose. Jorgensen lands a hard counter that knocks Reis on his back. Reis stands back up and the two circle the octagon. Reis dives for a takedown but Jorgensen shows off an elite sprawl. Reis’s hands start to get lighter. He nails Jorgensen with a right hook. They circle again, looking for counters. Reis smacks Jorgensen with a killer body kick. Jorgensen’s had the wind knocked out of him. Reis recognizes it and gets his opponent to the ground where he finishes the fight with an arm triangle choke.

Winner by submission is Wilson Reis. 


Cabral vs. Kotani: 

Round 1: Cabral quickly establishes himself as the aggressor, backing Kotani up to the fence and delivering a swift kick to the body. Kotani trips Cabral and ends up on top though. Kotani stands up in an attempt for a different position. He finds Cabral’s half guard briefly but they scramble and are up on their feet. Kotani tries a body kick but slips. Cabral takes advantage and gets into Kotani’s half guard. Cabral works his ground and pound, but Kotani is able to control him back to a safer position. Cabral is dominant in the top position. Kotani is just holding on. It’s a good round for Cabral.

Round 2: Cabral again takes charge in the striking department, controlling the center of the octagon. He takes Kotani to the fence again. Cabral is able to get a takedown and hooks into Kotani’s back, but Kotani is able to defend and get to a better position. They’re standing again, and back to the center of the octagon. Kotani looks reluctant to exchange with Cabral. Cabral pulls Kotani to the ground and again takes his back. He slips an arm under Kotani’s chin and secures a rear-naked choke. Kotani taps and it’s over.

Cabral wins by submission. 


“Patolino” Macario vs Magny: 

Round 1:  Patolino is eager. He presses the action, taunting Magny at the start of the fight. Magny looks light on his feet, Patolino stout and sturdy by contrast. Patolino lands a good left-right combo. Magny keeps his distance, taking advantage of his longer reach. Patolino backs Magny against the cage and lands a single authoritative right, but Magny circles out to safety. Magny’s hands are obviously heavier. Patolino tries a takedown in the last twenty seconds of the round but Magny’s able to defend it. So far this fight is all Patolino.

Round 2: Magny starts pumping the jab to start the round. Patolino tries to jump in and land something, but nothing solid connects. Magny lands a good counter knee, but then Patolino comes forward in a fury. Magny returns and it looks like both fighters are ready to brawl–a bad idea for Magny, as Patolino gets in some good punches. Again, Patolino gets Magny up against the cage. Magny’s able to survive though and secures an excellent body-lock takedown. Magny’s on top and in full mount. He smothers Patolino and then starts his ground and pound. Patolino’s able to hook a leg briefly but Magny returns to the full mount position. He pounds Patolino for the final seconds of the fight. It’s a much closer round this time, but Magny took it with the mount.

Round 3: Magny again pumps his jab and tacks on a solid right hook that connects. Patolino taunts again, and Magny charges forward, landing a solid group of punches that weaken Patolino’s knees. Magny works the ground and pound against a stunned Patolino, who’s able to survive, but only just briefly. Magny takes mount and pushes the pain. The ref stops the action.

Magny wins by TKO. 



Jose Aldo def. Chad Mendes – for featherweight title
Phil Davis def. Glover Teixeira
Fabio Maldonado def. Hans Stringer
Darren Elkins def. Lucas Martins
Beneil Dariush def. Carlos Diego Ferreira
Neil Magny def. William Macario
Yan Cabral def. Naoyuki Kotani
Wilson Reis def. Scott Jorgensen
Andre Fili def. Felipe Arantes
Gilbert Burns def. Christos Giagos
Tony Martin def. Fabricio Camoes

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