In just a couple months, Anderson Silva will return to the Octagon for the first time since his gruesome injury at UFC 168 when he lost to Chris Weidman for the second time. In his return fight he will face Nick Diaz, and many are waiting to see how both opponents compete after respectively long lay offs. For Anderson, the leg break brings more questions than his time out of the Octagon and his future is still unclear.  Being the greatest of all time has many perks, not least of which is his ability to bargain with Zuffa Executives when it comes to his contract.

According to Combate, Anderson Silva has once again leveraged himself into a new contract before his anticipated return. The last time Anderson signed a big contract it was met with disbelief in terms of the length of the contract period. This time it’s even more ridiculous. The new deal is 15 fights which will effectively ensure that Anderson Silva never fights for another organization, barring a UFC release. It also, ensures that he won’t be limited; he can fight so long as he keeps winning.

Even if he hadn’t suffered the brutal injury, this contract would be unheard of. At 39 years old, the clock is more than ticking and Chris Weidman has shown to be his Achilles heal, so what can he do in 15 fights that wouldn’t tarnish his legacy further? You can never predict the future with Anderson Silva. He is the GOAT for a reason, but this new contract certainly raising some questions. Why would he even entertain a new contract with an existing contract that still had 7 fights on it? A fighter is lucky to have a 4 fight deal, and he still had almost double that in the bank. With Nike no longer sponsoring him, is this an attempt to gain other large sponsorship deals, a way to show them he plans on sticking around? Anderson Silva will always generate headlines, and I’m sure many fans are happy to see his intentions, but you can’t help but wonder if he will go out in a bad way if he isn’t careful.



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