The sky is always the limit for any determined athlete looking to turn his dreams into reality. Continuing his pursuit of greatness, RFA welterweight “Superman” Josh Cavan regularly defies the odds on his path to becoming a top star and future MMA champion.

It wasn’t too long ago when this former financier left his desk job to devote his full attention to his mixed martial arts career. Since the transition, Cavan’s journey was quickly meet with a series of low points including a knee injury putting him out of action for nearly a year. Bouncing back, the year of 2013 marked a rising moment in Superman’s career, and saw him dominating the competition in route to accumulating a four-fight winning streak. That streak made it known to fans and critics: Josh Cavan is on the rise.

This work wouldn’t go unnoticed as it would soon land him the big break he’s longed for with a recruitment offer to the Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) organization. This new venture provides great opportunities for Cavan to elevate his career and challenge himself against a pool of hungry rising stars of the welterweight division.

“I am honored to be a part of the RFA with their goal and vision,” Cavan told MMA Corner. “They provide me with the platform to take my career to the next level.”

Making his debut at RFA 16, Cavan found himself going head to head against Chris Heatherly. Dominating the entire battle, Cavan would soon that even a small error can make a difference in the fight. Capitalizing off his mistake, it would be a guillotine submission finish courtesy of Heatherly that would hand Cavan his first loss since 2012.

“The biggest lesson I took away from that fight was to go in and finish the fight. I feel it was good for me to learn about mistake like this now than to make them on the bigger stages like the UFC.”

Taking the loss in stride, the slight misfortune hasn’t made Cavan lose focus on the task at hand to fulfilling his MMA dream. Through the many highs and lows that come with being a fighter it’s always beneficial to have a strong team of close friends and family that support you. New marriages and handling other life priorities has created seemingly conflicting challenges for balancing life in and out of the cage for many fighters. However, Cavan has found a way to combat this problem which has allowed him to staying committed to his grueling profession.

“It great to have the support of my family, friends, and wife who understand that which makes everything work for me to chasing my dream.”

Returning to action at RFA 20, Cavan will be going head to head against Benjamin Smith. Fighting out of the Xtreme Couture gym, Smith has been on an impressive four-fight winning streak and his reputation got him his big break en-route to making his debut at RFA 20. Looking to not repeat his last performance, Cavan’s intense training at Team Wildman under the tutelage of Thomas Denny has him fully prepared for the challenge ahead.

“He’s a tough guy that likes to be active,” Cavan proclaimed. “At this level the opposition is always tough. Being with Team Wildman means a lot. It’s more of a brotherhood than a team. We push each other extremely hard and grow together every day. Going into this fight, I have confidence knowing my coaches and teammates have helped me get to a new level.”

Physically and mentally matured, Josh Cavan has transformed into a totally different fighter from his last RFA appearance. The hard gym work has been put in. The motivational drive and confidence is at an all-time high. These traits combine into the makings of a great night in store for Cavan on November 7th. The only thing left now on the agenda is to step in the cage and get his hands raised in victory, thus adding another win to his already impressive career.

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