This Saturday night, Dennis Bermudez looks put a loaded UFC featherweight division on notice as he faces former title contender Ricardo Lamas as part of UFC 180 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Lamas comes off of a recent win over Hacran Dias, while Bermudez rides a seven-fight winning streak. Both men possess solid wrestling and can deliver powerful shots when the opportunity presents itself, but when we break this bout down further, we see that these two battle in vastly different areas, especially in those where Bermudez and Lamas appear similar.

How different are the two, once we take this bout down to brass tacks?  What follows is what we find after analyzing the bout in a few key areas.


Bermudez packs powerful punches and his own assortment of leg kicks to combat those of Lamas, but Lamas will come into this with the more versatile striking, throwing everything from head kicks and elbows to knees and hard lefts and rights at Bermudez. Add in the five-inch reach that Lamas packs over Bermudez, as well as Bermudez’s occasional susceptibility to counter-strikes, and this one stands clear.

Advantage: Lamas

When a man does well as an NCAA Division-III wrestler, becomes a two-time CSIW champion at 157 pounds, and battles the likes of Hatsu Hioki and Bart Palaszewski without getting submitted, he should have the edge over a guy like Bermudez, but Bermudez excels in pressuring his opponents for takedowns. Additionally, Bermudez possesses solid takedown defense, but Lamas has only been taken down a handful of times in his own career. Still, if the bout reaches this realm, Lamas’s best chance is to take a page or two from the book of anyone that’s ever submitted Bermudez, because otherwise, Lamas may get hurt badly.

Advantage: Bermudez

The number “7” plays a hand here because both men have each won seven bouts by decision in their respective careers. It goes without saying that guys like Bermudez and Lamas always come in ready to go three rounds or longer, and they always stay in the fight, no matter how intense the action gets. Lamas would get the edge here, simply for the fact that Jose Aldo didn’t finish him, if this were any other opponent, but Bermudez is not “any other opponent” by any stretch of the imagination, as evidenced by his firefight with Matt Grice, which felt like five rounds of action packed into a three-round bout.

Advantage: Even
Official prediction

With a chance to make a big statement in the featherweight division, every man will make the most of any high-level fight they take, especially if it comes against a guy like Lamas. Lamas goes hard for as long as the fight lasts, so he will not go down easily. For the first time since the Matt Grice fight, Bermudez will find himself in some ferocious exchanges, but with a high-pressure offense that holds up for the entire three rounds, Bermudez will shock some in the MMA world by breaking through with a unanimous-decision win.


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