For the common fan, mixed martial arts pretty much means the UFC, but there are true MMA fans that actually follow the sport and realize that not only are there other great promotions beside the UFC, there are other great fighters outside the UFC as well. And for the fans that DO realize there are other promotions, Bellator 131 is the event to watch. More specifically, the rematch between Will Brooks and Michael Chandler for the vacant lightweight title.

In their first fight, Brooks and Chandler went back and forth for five rounds before Brooks was awarded the split decision victory. Brooks came out fast, earning the first two rounds before Chandler was able to find his rhythm and earn the fourth and fifth round. In the fifth round, both fighters came out with a vengeance but in the end, it was Will Brook’s night.

On Saturday November 15, 2014, Will Brooks and Michael Chandler will go at it again, this time for the vacant lightweight title and Brooks is ready to prove that the first time was no fluke. “I definitely think I won the first fight and I definitely think that I am going to win this fight,” Brooks told The MMA Corner.

Even though Brooks and two of the three judges believe that he won the fight, Brooks isn’t taking anything for granted. “I’ve watched the first fight a few different times. I believe you have to watch your fights, it’s like watching game film. I watched the fight so I can see the things that I did well and the things that I can improve on. I also wanted to see the things that he did well so that I can work on that, too.”

This is the perfect opportunity for Brooks to prove that he is the real deal and not a one fight wonder. Brooks knows that if he is going to be considered an elite level fighter and be in the conversation with the best of the best in his division with the likes of Anthony Pettis or Gilbert Melendez, that it all starts with him getting a victory over Michael Chandler. “I know that I am the best in the world and I know that I can beat anybody, and in this rematch with Chandler, I will get the opportunity to prove that not only am I the best lightweight in Bellator, I am the best lightweight period.”

Originally when Brooks defeated Chandler, he was supposed to face Eddie Alvarez to unify the title. Since then, Alvarez has left Bellator and moved on to UFC, but Brooks isn’t thinking about that. “Yeah, I would have loved to have fought Eddie, but I don’t think about that. I don’t blame Eddie for doing what he did. He has a family to support and he had to do what he thought was right. All I am concerned about is beating Chandler and becoming Bellator champion.” Many people already see Brooks as Bellator’s lightweight champ, but Brooks is indifferent. “I don’t know, I won the interim title because Eddie had the belt. I understand where Bellator is coming from because I didn’t beat the champion, but I was the interim champion when the champion left. It doesn’t matter, though, we are fighting on Saturday and I’ll have the title then.”

For Brooks, the title is just a means to an end. “I want to be the best in the world. I train every day and I work with my team and coaches to be the best the in the world. That is what I am in this for.”

“Ill” Will Brooks has quickly risen to the top and a second straight victory over Chandler would prove too many that Brooks is a force to be reckoned with. Honestly, a win in this fight and it won’t be long until we see him fighting the best the lightweight division has to offer, but it will probably be for the UFC and not Bellator.

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