Once considered “partners”, Chael Sonnen and Ariel Helwani are apparently ‘no mas’.

Following his departure from the UFC and his broadcasting job with FOX Sports, Helwani was critical of Sonnen’s judgment in regards to his use of performance enhancing drugs.

Sonnen apparently wasn’t pleased with Helwani pressing the issue, as he opined on his latest episode of “You’re Welcome!” which featured Phil Baroni and the internet sensation more formally recognized as “Front Row Brian”. If you’re unfamiliar with “Front Row Brian”, he’s been known to break a story or two. In fact, he’s broke stories via Twitter literally minutes before Helwani released the information via FOX Sports on several occasions.

There’s more than what’s at the surface, so read on to get the full scoop.

Sonnen shared some of his conversation with Helwani regarding “Front Row Brian”. The former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight contender also opened up regarding his “partnership” with Helwani.

“Ariel was upset with me. He and I really went after each other. My argument was this. Ariel, when I went through my hurricane, I failed a drug test. I did everything right. I retired. I did everything right out of order. I came forward, I did it right. I removed myself from the sport. I left FOX. I walked into the commission and said I was guilty. He really roughed me up. He went on his show and he said a bunch of stuff. My scenario wasn’t good, but the way he was saying it made it look even worse. If you run a red light, you don’t want to be charged with murder. I said, Ariel, this is wrong that you did this. It’s not just because we’re friends, this is your job. But we were partners. You and I were partners. And if you think you were the straw that was stirring that drink, my friend, you were very mistaken.

“I had explained this concept to him as to what a partner was. He said, ‘ah, I’m a journalist.’ I said, Ariel, stop. That’s when you piss everyone off. Quit calling yourself a journalist. I don’t know what a journalist is. Maybe I need to look it up. The problem comes when he calls himself a journalist. I said, Ariel stop calling yourself that. He went to college and got a degree in journalist and he clings to that to that word. You’re not a journalist. When you pretend you’re a journalist and pretend you’re someone you’re not, you’re wrong all the time. I said you got this all wrong and you always do. You did this to other guys. You’re not a journalist, you’re a parrot. This isn’t meant to be a kick him session, but that aspect really bothers me. We’re partners, man. When you got fired from FOX, I was in a third world country. I went to work so I could get a phone and call people on your behalf and you, when the tables are turned, you take shots at me and tell the story the way it didn’t happen. But to change the points, and this guy’s my partner? Come on, man.”

This is apparently where Sonnen draws the line. And while Sonnen was certainly under fire, this wasn’t unfamiliar territory for Helwani, either. During a period of time, Helwani believed Sonnen was FRB’s main source of credibility. Sonnen shared his conversation with Helwani:

“His response to me was, Chael, you’re the one who broke the deal, because of the things Brian has said about me. I said, Ariel, you’re going to take what you said directly about me and use what Brian said about you as your avenue. This is not apples to apples here, this is apples to oranges. I don’t call my buddy and tell him what to say. He’s a grown man.”

“FRB” chimed in with his side of the story, not pulling any punches against one of the industry’s top reporters.

“Chael, who cares? Who is he? Does he not understand that you’re not my keeper? The only thing Ariel needed to do was get my number and call me. In fact, he has my number, he can call me. Men communicate with each other. They don’t go through this third party who has nothing to do with the whole situation. He can give me a call, I’ll talk to him anytime that he wants.”

Sonnen responded by rehashing going out on a limb for Helwani during a hardship of his own.

“When Ariel got fired, it was very quiet, I was in Brazil. I was filming the Ultimate Fighter and I didn’t have a phone. I had to go seek out a cellphone and I call him. I get ahold of him to see how I can help. Is there someone at the UFC I can call? Is there someone at FOX I can call? Is there something I can do? I wanted to help this guy, not because we were friends, but because we were partners. We’re on the show together. I don’t think he fully understands what that means. I don’t think he grasps the concept of having a partner and what you do for a fellow partner. So I helped. When he was in the jam, I helped. I said Ariel, you were really kicking me when I was down and asks me if I wish I would have handled things differently? That’s a ridiculous question. How could I predict the past? If I could predict the past, I would play the lottery, you weirdo.”

There’s much more worth listening to as the full podcast can be accessed here.


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