This is all purely hypothetical at this point as Jon Jones still has work to do in the UFC light heavyweight division, but he has been open to the possibility of moving up to heavyweight for some time now. It’s really the only move that makes sense for Jones should he truly clear out the light heavyweight division; Jones walks around in the 230 pound range and he has the frame to easily support the extra weight should he ever make that jump.

MMA Fighting asked middleweight contender Luke Rockhold about Jones’ chances against UFC heavyweight champion and Rockhold’s training partner Cain Velasquez Rockhold simply said, “Not a chance.”

When you really stop and think about it he is absolutely right — Jones would have not a real shot against a healthy Velasquez.

Jones is a great fighter and the top fighter on my personal pound-for-pound list, but all of that would go out of the window once that cage door closes. Jones could potentially be competitive with his reach and his ability to execute Greg Jackson game plans to perfection, but Velasquez is just too much to handle.

Velasquez is known for two things, above all else, his tenacity and his pace. The pressure Velasquez is able to put on opponents is what breaks them — just ask Junior dos Santos.

Even though Jones is a skilled wrestler in his own right, he is not in the same league as Velasquez. Velasquez’s power, speed, size and technique would be far too much for Jones to deal with. Considering Jones doesn’t have true KO power, there would be nothing really keeping Velasquez from being able to close the distance.

If Jones were to take some time to acclimate himself to the heavyweight division and pack on the muscle needed to compete with the modern heavyweight things might be different. But if he thinks for one second that he could be competitive and just move up to fight Velasquez because he walks around at 230, Jones is delusional.

If there is anyone in the sport who could really handle Jones and hand him a decisive loss it’s Velasquez.

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