Everyone loves to see vicious knockouts and slick submissions, but a technique doesn’t have to be a fight ender to be exciting. The switch is a perfect example of this, because when done right it can change the positional advantage in the blink of an eye.

The switch is a wrestling technique generally done when on the bottom that has become a key weapon for fighters during grappling exchanges. The switch can take a fighter out of a bad position and into a dominant position in a matter of moments.

To execute the switch from the bottom, you must first create space between you and your opponent by using a sit out. The sit out will create space between your hips and the hips of your opponent. Now that you have some space, reach back and hook your opponent’s near leg while trapping their arm against your body.

Now that you have hooked your opponent’s leg, arch your back while pulling yourself around using your opponent’s leg. Once you have cleared the arm you should now be in the dominant position.

There are several different variations out there, but this is the core of the technique.

In the context of MMA, the switch becomes an even more effective technique because of the cage. The cage is a powerful leverage tool for fighters because it can limit an opponent’s outs. The cage isn’t all good, though, because it can keep you from being able to hit a switch as well.

In a sport where position is everything, being able to flip position is crucial and the switch can do just that.

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