UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is arguably the biggest star in the UFC today, and while her ability in the cage plays a large role in that, it’s her beauty that truly makes her so appealing. Not to take anything away from her skill-set, but if she looked like Wanderlei Silva, Rousey would not be the star she is today.

In this hilarious cartoon by Mixed Martial Animations, Nick Diaz shares his unique fantasy about Rousey.

The skit starts with a fan on Twitter asking Diaz about his sexual fantasy. Nick being the gentleman that he is simply said, “Being alone with Ronda.” Then Nate, Nick’s younger brother, asked for some more details. That’s when Nick’s fantasy gets a little strange.

Out of nowhere, Nick starts talking about Ronda throwing triangles and armbars which dislocates his elbow. But things start getting really strange when Nate starts talking about his role in this fantasy.

Nate says we would run in and start whacking Nick on the ass with nunchucks…that’s right, nunchucks. Nick then has to explain to Nate that he would not be involved in this fantasy. But Nate doesn’t understand as he corners Nick during his fights. You have to love that Diaz brother logic.

We all know the Diaz brothers aren’t the brightest bulbs, but it’s very apparent that Nate is the dimmer of the two. But this is worth the watch.


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  • KingSlayer

    You might want to point out that this is a parody and not really Nick and Nate speaking. Unless you actually thought this was them. In that case, you should just stop writing altogether.

  • prime

    This is so old. RJ is just trying to get clicks..haha.

  • Bouncer

    “it’s her beauty that truly makes her so appealing” uh, no. the fact she’s an absolutely dominant fighter is why she’s so appealing, she just happens to be attractive. Chris Cyborg looks like a beat up dog yet she’s very popular among fans for how dominant she is. also this is extremely old.