On Friday, December 19, 2014, Asia’s largest MMA promotion heads to China for the first time; ONE Fighting Championship: Dynasty of Champions takes place at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium in Beijing, China.

Asia has a rich and vibrant MMA history and while ONE FC isn’t PRIDE FC by any means, it’s a great alternative to the major promotions here in the US. ONE FC’s roster is loaded with great talent and their fight cards are filled with exciting matchups.

Soccer Kicks and Better Judging

All of ONE FC’s fights take place outside of the US, and as such, they utilize the Global MMA rule set. This is important to fans for one reason…soccer kicks. Kicks are allowed to the head of a grounded opponent and that makes the ground-and-pound in ONE FC extremely exciting. In addition to the different rule set, ONE FC utilizes a much better judging system. Rather than using the antiquated 10-point must system from boxing, judges score the whole fight; no individual round scoring just a decision of who won the fight.

1-Night, 4-Man Featherweight Tournament

The sport of MMA was created on the backs of fighters who competed in 1-night tournament, but today very few 1-night tournaments take place. But on Friday, ONE FC will crown a new featherweight champion through a single night tournament. Li Gen, He Nan Nan, Wang Ta Wei and Li Kai Wen will have to win two bouts on the same night to be crowned the new featherweight champion.

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