Titan FC 32 takes place this Friday, December 19, 2014 from the Tsongas Center in Lowell, MA. The event will air live on CBS Sports and kicks off at 9 p.m. E.T.  Former UFC fighter Steven Siler will be fighting Desmond Green in an effort to not only win the title, but also to get his first win in what will be four fights. Green is looking to make a name for himself by defeating another former UFC fighter and as well as becoming a champion of the greatly respected promotion, Titan Fighting Championships. This featherweight title fight is scheduled as the co-main event.

A classic match up of a seasoned veteran versus an up and comer that shows tremendous amounts of potential and they both have a lot to gain from this bout. So who will use who as a stepping stone come Friday night? It’s a match up of what Vitor Belfort would refer to as the old lion versus the young lion, even though there is only a two year age difference. The experience gap is tremendous when you compare how long both competitors have been fighting, and also who they have been fighting.

The Veteran 

Steven Siler is only 27 years old, but he has been fighting professionally since 2005. In just under a decade, he has accumulated a total of thirty six professional bouts. That’s a lot of fights for any active fighter. The beginning of his professional career was rocky at best. In his first couple years, he fought twelve times and lost seven of the fights. Then all of a sudden in 2007, things changed. Siler went fourteen and one in the next three years and his only loss was to perennial UFC contender and top five ranked fighter Chad Mendes. Things were looking up and he was signed to the UFC to compete in the fourteenth season of TUF. He didn’t make it to the semi finals, but he got his foot in the door. He started off well in the organization, but was recently cut due to a three fight losing streak. His total UFC record was five wins and four losses.

The combination of fight experience and also his time spent at the Pit Elevated Fight Team give him the obvious edge in overall experience when compared to Green. Siler is somewhat of a jack of all trades, master of none when it comes to an MMA skill set. He is dangerous everywhere, but not really elite in any one area. At 27 years of age, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him show drastic improvements in certain areas, especially considering that he recently got cut from the UFC. He certainly has potential to be a top ten featherweight and has time on his side to do it.

Siler has won and lost in every way possible over the course of his career. He has both delivered and received knockouts, submissions and decision victories and losses. His greatest asset historically has been his submission game. Something that may play a big factor when he face Green. He has showed improved striking as well and there is a chance that he may have the opportunity to show off those skills if Green is apprehensive about going to the ground with Siler.

The Up-and-Comer 

Desmond Green has sixteen professional mma fights under his belt, so how can he be referred to as an up and comer? There’s fighters that are well known in major organizations that don’t have that many fights, but the difference is time. Green had his first professional fight in April of 2012. Think about that for a moment. Since Jon Jones defended his title against Rashad Evans, Green has fought 16 times. All in all, he has put together a total professional record of thirteen wins and three losses.

He has fought a lot in a short period of time, and though Siler has the experience edge in terms of level of competition, Green isn’t far behind. On the regional scene, Green won the NEF Lightweight Championship and while under contract with Bellator, he beat notables such as Mike Richman and  Will Martinez. He was also a runner-up in the Bellator Season 10 Featherweight Tournament.  His success is not something of luck. He may only have a couple years in the cage, but he has been competing as an amateur wrestler for a long time. He wrestled in high school and is also a three time Division 1 qualifier with plenty of accolades through out his wrestling career. This bout will mark his second fight in the Titan FC organization. In his promotional debut he defeated former WEC Champion Miguel Torres earning him his spot against Siler this Friday.

It’s not a secret that Green’s best attribute is his wrestling, but as you might imagine when reviewing his accomplishments in the past couple years, he is getting better in all areas. In the past year or so he has won three times by TKO. Most recently he knocked out Miguel Torres at just forty-eight seconds of the first round. Siler is not a slouch in the striking department, but he will have to be aware of Green’s power if he looks to get out of the fight without a concussion. A win over Siler will further solidify Green as serious threat in the featherweight division.

What’s on the Line

Aside from the obvious fact that this is a title fight, there is a lot on the line for both fighters. Siler fought Dennis Bermudez just over a year ago and that fight began his current three fight skid. If he losses on Friday night, he is going to have to make some very serious decisions in terms of his career. If he is looking to get back into a larger more prominent organization like the UFC in the future, this is a must win. For Green, he knows he has the eyes of everyone in the MMA community on him. Though he was a champion on the regional scene, he was unable to win the tournament with Bellator. With this win he will have multiple wins over former UFC fighters and a legitimate title with a great organization. With so much on the line, you won’t want to miss this fight.

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