EA Sports released their first game for the UFC in June of this year to mixed reviews, but updates and game patches have helped make the game more enjoyable than when it was originally released.

Besides a gameplay patch to help reduce the amount of glitches, EA Sports has added current fighters like Hector Lombard, Tim Kennedy, and Stipe Miocic to go along with some “legendary” fighters like Mark Coleman, Rampage Jackson, Matt Hughes, and Brock Lesnar.

With the new year approaching, it’s time to look toward the future and more specifically, the future of the franchise.

I’ll present some different ideas for the next edition from fans of the game, including myself, that could really help create an awesome experience.

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement that there will be a second edition of the game, fans and message boards have been accumulating suggestions throughout the year on how to improve upon the first rendition of EA Sports UFC.

Here’s the first suggestion…

General Manager mode:

My favorite part about playing a sports game like the NBA 2K franchise or Madden is the ability to control a team and shape it into how I want the organization to be and I think it would be awesome to insert a similar option into EA Sports UFC.

I remember even creating my own promotional histories when you could do “event mode” in one of the UFC Undisputed games by THQ complete with title reigns, number one contenders, and even tournaments based on the game’s simulation. EA Sports could even go a step further. Here is my vision (sales pitch) for the game mode:

You have the reins to the largest promotion in the industry and ,as the new president, have the chance to take the UFC to new levels. Construct pay-per-views, UFC Fight Night, or UFC on Fox cards as well as TUF seasons to gain fans, earn endorsements, and generate revenue. If your events aren’t doing well in the ratings, you’ll face repercussions and potentially be forced to resign. Outbid rival promotions for rising prospects or try to scout and find your own, but be careful how quickly you through your top prospects through the gauntlet. Manage fighters as they rise up the rankings and become contenders. Think quickly when a fighter pulls out of a bout due to an injury and find a replacement who is willing to step up to the challenge. You’re in control of the UFC and the time is now.

Basically take the manager mode from FIFA, mix it with some of the GM Mode from the old WWE Smackdown games, throw in some MyLeague from NBA 2k15 and voila, you have the UFC President game mode.

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Blane Ferguson
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Blane can trace his MMA roots, like many others, to the finale of the first Ultimate Fighter season between Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin. After watching that incredible fight and cleaning the local Blockbuster of any recorded UFC pay-per-views they had, Blane was hooked on watching the sport and he carried that passion with him to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. Blane is a four-year broadcasting veteran of ASU's campus radio including a founder and co-host of the station's combat sports show, The Final Round.