As I stated last week in my look ahead, last week was a week for MMA fans to relax and refresh their batteries before we got into the meat of the 2015 fight schedule. That was until the Jon Jones drug test news broke and sent the entire sports world into a frenzy. Jones once again was the biggest story of the week, but a big week for fight announcements and a very nice fight card from RFA on Friday night made last week one we won’t forget for a while.

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RFA 22

So there you have it. The first full week of 2015 was chock full of fights and headlines. Most notably an interesting new turn in what is the narrative of Jon Jones. Whether you are one of the many Jones supporters or one of the even more abundant Jones haters, you certainly didn’t see this news coming. It will probably end up being the biggest story in MMA this year and it has already happened. We got news of a heavyweight main event of men who are looking to extend their careers and take one last shot at glory, and we now know the next fight for arguably the best fighter outside of the UFC in Marlon Moraes.

The first week of 2015 has given us a ton of stories. Stories that will play out throughout this year and I’m sure make more appearances in the weekly recaps in the months to come.




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