Welcome to The Fuller Fight Factor LIVE, a semi-periodical show focusing on the world of combat sports, health, fitness and overall awesomeness. In this special edition, host Justin Fuller is joined by David “The Caveman” Rickels.

David Rickels is a professional mixed martial arts fighter who currently competes in the lightweight division of Bellator MMA. He was the Bellator season eight lightweight tournament winner, a previous challenger for the Bellator lightweight championship as well as a semifinalist in the season six welterweight tournament. Rickels last fought Davi Ramos at Bellator 130 in which he scored a unanimous-decision victory.

As is the case with The Fuller Fight Factor LIVE, there is never a scheduled agenda or list of topics. But naturally we not only discussed how thing are going over in Bellator for Rickels but also broke down his last fight. What he did well, but he could have better, and how he is trying to stay in shape better in between fights despite his love of food and beer.

Rickels also gave him viewpoint on Rampage and Cro Cop recently resigning with the UFC and how he thinks match-ups are the key to their success. He also shared what milk does to his body while yours truly gave a rant about different types of milk.

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